Thursday, July 22, 2010

All BO-DAWGS... You are Invited

Calling all BOY dawgs!!!

Daisy and her dad are putting on a BACHELOR PAWTY for me.   Isn't that grrreat.
It's a LOT of work though, and I was wondering if any of you might be willing to help her out with the pawty.   I know she and her dad would really appreciate it.
    The pawty is on   Aug. 13th.    BUTT the DEADLINE for sending your picture is AUG.9th..
 You can send your pictures to.... amcleod65(AT)yahoo(DOT)com
ALSO:   email to the same Addy  if you could lend a helping Paw.....  


animal lover, quilt lover said...

I am going to email if I can figure out how to send a picture of Bambi!!

Remington said...

I am always ready for a party!

Frankie Furter said...

Do I have ANY furends out there???? I thought... that Sam and Pippen and Boomer and Booker and Norwood were my furends... butt then... I saw today's post on
Shocking !!!! Shocking!!!
I tell you. I think they are after MY girrrrls.

Beaglebratz & mom too said...

Shiloh Beaglebratz here - Oh no, shurely they (the dancing bo-dawgs) r not out to git you girlz? the booker man sed they r just going tu go to make shure nuthin' bad happenz an'they ain't dancin'without shirtz. An'if they r goin'then they du need a disguize don't they? I hope my mom gitz my pic sent - I du want tu come tu your bacheler pawty.

Mr. Pip said...

Never fear Frankie, your friend Pip is here!! I will email Daisy now and co-host your pawty! I have never even been to a bachelor pawty. Should I have cookies and punch or pizza and beer???

Your pal, Pip

the booker man said...

awww, mr. frankie, the booker man is crushed. i am totally your friend. :( i would nevarrr evarrr do anythingie to make you upset as long as i can help it. i am totally gonna be at your bachelor pawty cuz it's gonna be so so much funsies! i am only going to the bachelorette pawty to make sure all the ladies stay in line. you know how much i love my sweet lady, miss mayzie!!!
the booker man

The Teacher's Pets said...

OOOOps! My mom just read your post and she just got through saying, "Oh my!" because she furgot to tell you that she changed her mind about where she wants the fellas to send their pictures so please send them to misskitty32504(at)yahoo(dot)com. On our blog we have the bachelor pawty cake on the left sidebar and of course on our blog on 7-14-10. Sorry fur the mistake! Don't worry, she'll check her other email fur pics!

Sargeant said...

Hey Frankie! No worries on the girly party! If I can be there, I'll be totally on guard and in full-patrol mode. No monkey business! Your friends are all here for you! The girls can have fun, but not too much!
Grr and Woof,