Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Getting ready for Thankful for Blogville.... and TURKEY...

We heard a rumor that TODAY is Top Cop Sidebite's  SISTER's GOTCHA DAY.    Happy Gotcha day SUSIE.

Now TOMORROW is Over the River and through the SNOW day....  AKA   THANKSGIVING... in the U.S.A..    

Everybuddy will be celebrating with Family and Furends...  and eating TURKEY... and ...

READING all the Posts about  being     THANKFUL fur BLOGVILLE...
    We will be doing that TOO... butt we will have company and won't be doing any commenting fur a few days...      
    SO we want to Wish Everybuddy a Happy Thanksgiving...  and    say it Especially to YOU are BLOGVILLE furends....   for which we are TRULY     Thankful.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How to Warm up after a potty break....

Last Week's DEEP FREEZE caused me to wanna be WARM...    and think of fun thingys to do INSIDE the house....  SOoooooooooooooooooooooo

I grabbed the WARM FUZZY ROBE and Played     KING of the HILL...     Ernie was my CRAZY Loyal Servant.     I could have shown you His pic... butt you would have just Peed Laughing.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Brrrrrr it has been COLD...

We hear that Today is Mitch's Birfday....  Happy Birfday buddy.

Furends if you haven't noticed..... it has been FREEZING COLD lately.... WAY colder than it SHOULD be fur this time of year..
   Last week we had to have mom break out some of our winter Gear...  so we could Rug Up fur Potty times..
   These are our Every Day    Bomber Jackets...    Ernie can hardly fit into HIS.. it is the Brown one...  I have had my Blue Bomber Jacket fur like 87 years and it still fits like a dream..
 TUBBY had to use THIS one....   the other day...
 These are our matching No Hoodie Hoodies...       they are really warm...    Mine is the Navy one... Chunky Monkey's is the RED... and it really IS red... butt the pic looks weird.
 THESE are our DRESS UP/  Clean Up...  coats..    MINE is the Blue one... Of Course.
We have about 87 MORE butt they were hanging up to dry when we told mom to take these pics.

Our Cussin SARGE   is doing a    Give Us the BIRD thingy...    so we thought we would join in TODAY    with a pic from Last year...    THIS is a Mockingbird.... who kept seeing himself.. in the Sun Porch Windows...

 He stayed out there for DAYS...  trying to "TALK" to Himself...        Or maybe he thought Somebuddy was wanting to give a BIRD to Him...  

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Silly Sunday

HE   is NOT gettin anythingy over on ME....

Are you ready fur THANKFUL fur BLOGVILLE  posts on the 27th?
HERE is the INFO...

Thanks Blogville!

On Thursday, November 27th, (in the USA) we will be celebrating Thanksgiving.  Now, we know thateverybody has LOTS of things to be thankful for so we wanted something to include ALL our furiends in ALLthe countries and over ALL the continents of Blogville! So we are going to have a huge, world-wide "Thanks Blogville Day" on Thursday, November 27th!

Here's how it will work:  Everyone in the Blogville universe can put up a post saying why they are thankful for Blogville You can say ANYTHING!  Remember that advice another Blogville citizen gave you, or some support, or encouragement?  How about the furiends you made?  Have you ever been sad, bored, scared, or lonely and Blogville came to the rescue?  Did you ever start out your day with a laugh from reading another bloggy? Now you can say "Thanks Blogville"!

We'll set it up as a blog hop.  For those USA Blogvillites who might be traveling, you can easily set it up ahead of time to post while you are driving to grandma's or making the turkey.  If anyone needs info on how to set that up ahead of time let us KNOW!!

We think it is the PAWFECT day to remember why we love Blogville and to say "Thanks Blogville" for making our days better!  So grab the beautiful badge that Dory made for us and help SPREAD THE WORD!

Murphy & Stanley

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sepia Saturday... by Ernie

Sepia Selfie....   of        MEeeeeeeeeeeeeee