Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Good Stuffs... and IMPAWTANT Stuffs...

Hello Dear Furends...  we have a couple of thingys to tell you about..
   FURST...   do you all know   SHAWNEE the SHEPARD????       If NOT you had better click HERE             
WHY?  You ask....   well,   Shawnee is Super and we want you to see what she has going on...  AND
     ON FRIDAY... we are gonna be SEEING HER in the FURS...       YES, that is TRUE...   We are going to get to MEET Shawnee and Her Mom and  to take them to the TOWN that is NAMED fur our furend.....   Shawnee.      FUR REAL.

SECOND....     Have you heard about this NEW THINGY that our Cussin SARGE has going???

He is giving out LOTS of Info about Blogville and how to get some NEW or MISSING in Action...furends... to join Blogville...
     The other day he had a super post up about it... and we want to share it with you on OUR Blog...
Below are Sarge's words....

Hey Everyone!
Wow, I'm wagging like crazy because I'm already getting some good response about my May event Recruit A Pal!    Here are the basics as mentioned in yesterday's post:

Recruit A Pal will run the entire month of May through midnight 5-31-15.
Bring a new pal to Blogville or bring back one who hasn’t posted for 1 year.
New/Return pals must post on 6-1-15 to introduce themselves. 
New/Return pals must follow at least:  their Recruiter, Sarge, & BCCalendar.
Recruiters must notify me (lfurman1987ATyahooDOTcom) by 6-1-15.
Email must include the names and blog addresses of the Recruiter and Pal.
All species are welcome.
I will provide 1 prize for Recruiters.  Item from Clara’s Collars.
Frankie & Ernie will provide 1 prize for New/Return pals.
Madi will provide 1 prize for New/Return pals.   One handmade scarf.
Murphy & Stanley will provide prizes for Recruiters.   Four recipe books.
Oreo will provide 1 prize for a Recruiter and 1 for a New/Return pal.
A community wide dance will be held on 6-2-15 for everyone in Blogville.


Today, I thought I'd try to help you explain exactly what Blogville is and what we do.
Have you ever tried to tell someone about Blogville and find both of you befuddled?  BWAR HAR HAR     It can be a little hard to describe without sounding silly or time consuming or complicated.

Basically, here's how I see us.    We are like Pen Pals through our pets.     We use Blogger or Wordpress instead of paper, envelopes and stamps.   We show the world through our pets' eyes.

Some of what we do is totally virtual, made up, and fantastical.    We drive cars, wear ball gowns, have jobs, talk.   We play in bands, throw parties, cater food and drinks.  We write stories and poems and tell jokes.   We have an enormous amount of pure entertainment in Blogville.

Some of what we do is very, very real.   We raise funds for rescues, those in need, emergencies for our furiends.   We give and get advice about products and pet problems and questions.   We support each other in times of need.  We raise awareness about pet issues.   We do a great amount of tangible good here in Blogville.

For the most part the peeps are anonymous.  Usually the pets are the bloggers and the stars of the show.   But, we also sometimes meet in person.   We share so much through Blogville that many of us begin to feel like furiends and family.   You can stay totally hidden behind your blog or you can connect with others however you are comfortable.    We also have peeps who are a big part of Blogville.    We welcome all peeps and all species of animals.   We have dogs, cats, birds, pigs, rabbits, donkeys.   We have had fish, guinea pigs, horses, turtles and hermit crabs (POL).   Our citizens come from all over the planet.   Really, all over.    We get a diverse way of seeing the world.   

Maybe this will help some of you try to describe Blogville to others. 

We think he did an AMAZING job of TRYING to explain what being a resident of Blogville is all about...         You can Copy it and put it to good use....  by showing it to some of your NON BLOGGING... Furends...  and asking them to MOVE to the BRIGHT SIDE....
THIRDLY....     If you have not heard...  Mona and Prissy and Sammy Jean's Mom....   MISS SARAH   is having some health issues...   She could use some of Blogville's FINEST  POTP
Miss Ann made this Badge fur us to SHARE and to help spread the word about Miss Sarah...   You can click her NAME to leave some good words...      Miss Sarah is always one of the very furst to step forward to HELP OTHERS...  and now she could use a bit, herself...
      POTP   and   Crossed Paws   fur Miss Sarah

Monday, April 27, 2015

Day in Court 87-10 Lassie and Benji...

Are you READY Fellas????     ROXY do you have the VISUAL AIDES???

Now Don't be afraid when His Moppy Head   Whacks his THWAPPER....      He is sort of Obsessed with the Thwapper thingy...  butt he won't Whack any of us...  OK?
    Just leave everythingy to Roxy and Me...  

ALL RISE..... My Court of Common Fleas is Now in SESSION....    {{THWAP}
    Ernie are you ready to Defend your Clients?

I am, your Wishfulness.

Very Well....  you may begin...
Your Orneryness,   our Furends    Lassie and Benji    were recently Accused of causing TROUBLE with a Capital "T", by their MOM.

HERE is the situation.
 I think THEY were right fur barking at the top of THEIR lungs furst thing bright and early in the morning when THEY were protecting their land against a VICIOUS possum. 
      Their MOM claims that they didn't come when SHE called their names.
        I ask you your Hunkysome,  just HOW were they expected to HEAR her over their CALL to PAWS...  due to the Intruding Possum???  
     THEY SURELY needed to tell that Possum to get off THEIR land. (Well technically he was on the border line of the property between Their fence and the neighbor's fence -- butt Don't you think that was close enough to their property?)
        My Clients would like to address the court.        
We think we unjustly got "a talking to" from our Mommy who was upset we didn't obey her and come to her when she called us to get in.

She said we were in Trouble with a capital "T" fur not listening

FOXY   ROXY would you show Judge Furter our Visual Aide???
As you can See....   THIS was  a DANGEROUS Situation....  those Possums can CLIMB and BITE and Scratch, you know...      AND they are BIG ol FAKERS on top of that...   
     Your Honor...  we are asking that you find these PILLARS of the Blogville Community...  NOT GUILTY...   and that  you imPaws an aPAWpriate Fine or somthingy on their mom..   and that you do it Quickly..... beclaws you know that they could be needed at some Blogville Emergency in 87 seconds Notice...   
   I agree that Blogville's Furst Responders can NOT be sitting around in COURT when there may be somethingy that they need to do... BEYOND Pawtecting their own TERRITORY...
    I am ready to Make My JUDGEYMENTALNESS   Immediately...
       I find your clients NOT GUILTY...  and  am going to AWARD them   Extra TREATS for the next Week... and am going to CAUTION their MOM to start Appreciating their hard work and fine efforts to keep their Yard Possum Proof.    
           Court is Adjourned.  
   {{ THWAP}}    

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Pre Trial Work up Case 87-10 Trouble w/Cap. T

OH Good GRIEF.....    I can't Find ANYTHINGY in this office....     If I don't get these PILES OF FILES put SOMEWHERE   I am gonna end up Breaking my neck...    I just might need to HIRE Myself....    
 THIS is A Pawfessional Office... and I have to get my Act together so that I can represent Lassie and Benji  Pawperly...      They have been ACCUSED of Causing Early Morning Trouble with a Capital T...          Butt I can't FIND the Case Notes and Exhibits...           and that ROXY is STILL in HER new office....     shoving Furniture This way and That and    Mumbling...   The Walls are NOT thick enough to cover all that Racket...       And did I mention the Swatches of Material???   PILES of Those and BOOKS of Wall Paper...    and I just got a NEARING your Monthly LIMIT report from FLEASA....            

 How am I gonna be ready to Face Frankie FARTer  if I can't get anything outta Roxy other than...
     I can't do ANYTHINGY until the new COUCH arrives...      Other than MY Desk it will be the FOCAL Point of  MY NEW OFFICE...            Sheesh...   WIMMEN...
I am gonna Burn the Midnight SQUIRREL and get my Briefs READY by Tomorrow MORNING...  I can't let by good Buddies      Lassie and Benji     down.              
       I am a PAWFESSIONAL after all.  
AND I DO want my ROXY to be Happy...     The ♥ wants what the ♥ wants...     RIGHT?

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Soccer Unis....

We have our Pictures fur the Blogville Soccer Team...        What do you think?
      I am #   87
 Ernie is OO   Double OH

And TOGETHER   we  are      OO 87              Double O  87                
       We have been Practicing our Moves and stuffs...       THIS is a Tuff Sport...  

Friday, April 24, 2015

FFHT Day....

This is a BLOG HOP.....       fur Murphy and Stanley's   Fractured Fryday Hairy Tales  (FFHT)
     the Inclusion for the day is      It Smelled Like.....

WE love to Sniff Stuffs....  LOTS of Stuffs...     We admit it...  we are ADDICTED to Sniffing...

 Our SNIFFERS are FINELY TUNED...   Butt SOMETIMES we Disagree on What we think somethingy smells like...
 HEY Ernie  WHAT was that ???   What did Mom put in our Bowl...????????
I'm not SURE Frankie.... butt IT SMELLED LIKE CHICKEN....