Wednesday, March 22, 2017


O M D       OMD    look at what Emmy and Cocoa's Mom (Miss Saundra Romanus who is on FaceBark if YOU want to find them)  sent to US...   
     BAFFs Towels .... that are NOT gonna cause US to have Baffs...    

Here they are hanging in the Baffs Room....    that  thingy at the bottom is where Mom sits to put her paw covers on... after she has a Baff.       OMD  the Colors are just PAWFECT fur the colors of the Baffs Room...     MOM was THRILLED....   
 Here are Close Ups so you can see what Miss Saundra did sew on them.  
 HEY Ernie....   I hope this cute little birdie doesn't POOP in the Bubble Tub.  
 SNIFF your OWN ... Ernie.
 Mom folded the towels in Half....  they are Really LONG and VERY MUCH Soft...
   Frankie ... WHY are you on MY towel????
 OMD we BOTH just LOVE these...   Who WOULDN'T???  
 Did we mention that Cocoa and Emmy and their mom live HERE in PENCIL VANE E AH???   YES, they DO...    Not far from Pitch Burger.    
 Moooooom.....   I think Ernie is gonna wipe his Nose on the towel.  
I AM NOT.....   I am just feeling all the Softness...  and thinkin how GRAND these will look in the Baffs Room.
      Look what ELSE was in the Pressie Package...   MILK BONES ...
 OMD OMD     We are sending Sincere THANKS to Miss Saundra and Emmy and Cocoa...  
NOW THIS is how to chase the Winter BLAHS Completely away.      Just Sayin.   

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

OMD Look what came yesterday...

OMD   this was SUCH a Fabulous Surprise...       Look what our BELOVED FURENDS from CHEWY.COM Sent to our peeps...

We were STUNNED when  the Truck came rolling up our driveway...  beclaws  MOM has not been watching QVC lately     we had NOT ordered anythingy...

As soon as we Sniffed the Box we KNEW it was not fur US...   even though it SAID...  CHEWY.COM all over it...       So we just took a little nap while mom was opening it.  while MOM was going.... " SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
                             Frankie and Ernie's furends sent    US   something.    
  and    AWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwww    
   and   OMD and stuffs... "
we just sat back and Watched the FUN.   
     MOM and DAD were BOTH Thrilled...  and   SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEing  all over the place... and saying stuffs like...  "LOOK at THESE.   OH HOW CUTE...     the Gold of the Werther's Candy really LOOKS like bubbly Beer... and the White Tissue looks like the FOAM on Top."
 WE thought that a good TOPPER was somethingy Delicious from Chewy.Com that goes on TOPPER of our SUPPERS...     Didn't YOU??????
    Well we DO know THIS....    our Peeps were totally Delighted by these Clever thingys.
     They are SOOOOOOOOO GOOD to all of US... and they don't leave our PEEPS Out Either.
          THAT is Why we LOVE THEM SO MUCH.  
                              CHEWY.COM     ROCKS
THANK YOU fur being so FABULOUS.   
Pee S...    MOM has already eaten like 87 of those Werther Candies...  

Monday, March 20, 2017

Guy Time

Hey our furends Hailey and Zaphod did a GUY TIME post last week...  and we thought it was such a good idea...   we thought we would show you a bit of OUR... GUY TIME...

    THIS is US...  ready to have some CLINER CHAIR and TV time with DAD.  
 Dad USUALLY keeps the Mote Controller thingy in the POCKET of that thingy that lives on the ARM of the Cliner Chair...    
   BTW...   we had not yet told dad to put the FLIPPER pawt of the Cliner Chair up yet...  We sometimes like to lay on THAT pawt beclaws when we take a notion to HOP OFF... it makes the entire Chair Rock...  
   It is HI LARRY US to do THAT when Dad is having one of his NAPS...   BaaaaaaaWaaaah.    Sometimes he SCREAMS like a Squirrel when we do it....   BAAAAHWAAAAAH

Sunday, March 19, 2017

30 day American Journey post #2

Hello Dear Furends.
   Today we will be telling you about our 1/2 way point in our Chewy.Com American Journey 30 day Challenge.  
   We have eaten Blue Buffalo Kibble fur like 87 Centuries.    We get different Toppers on our suppers butt the Kibble is almost ALWAYS some variety of Blue Buffalo.  
   So when Miss Natalie asked us to take this Challenge we were a bit...  Concerned.   BUTT we LOVE and AMERICAN JOURNEY is Chewy.Com's OWN BRAND of Foodables and Snacks and such...   so we felt that we were going to be in good paws.  
   Once we decided which FLAVOR we wanted to review... we Emailed Miss Natalie back and less than 87 naps...  it was on our front porch.    It was sent to us at no cost...  in exchange fur a FAIR and HONEST review.  

WE inspected the INGREDIENTS...
 Discussed the Flavor...  which is    BEEF and SWEET POTATO Recipe
 Everythingy seemed GOOD to Us...
THEN we told Mom to fill up our  Selfie Feeder... so we could have a small taste...     and we Instantly knew that it was Delicious...
Once it was Supper time we had mom add our TOPPER

OKAY....   here is what we know SO FAR...   WE are totally Satisfied (full) after our suppers.  We are not going to our Selfie Feeder any more often than we do with our usual kibble.  AND   WE LIKE   AMERICAN JOURNEY.
   AND  here is what MOM has to say about it....
She says our Poops are PAWFECT.   We don't have Stinky Breath (or PHARTS).   She also says that she has been watching our Skin...   and we have no signs of dry flaky skin.    We have not GAINED or LOST although she says we NEED to do THAT any weight.
   This one  really Surprises her...  There is ONE type of Topper that we don't like much...  butt when it is on the AMERICAN JOURNEY       BEEF AND SWEET POTATOES ...        WE EAT IT RIGHT UP.   NO ARGUMENTS or COMPLAINTS from Either of Us.    
      To Sum it up.... at the 1/2 way point....   this is GOOD STUFFS ...  we have Lots of PROs and NO CONs so far.            We will be doing ONE Final Review of AMERICAN JOURNEY at the END of MARCH.  

Now while we are talkin about stuffs from     we recently went fur our annual physical... and to get our Flea/Tick and Heartworm medicines...     and GUESS WHAT OUR DOGTOR told us...?????        Are you Ready fur this???    
    OUR DOGTOR said...  " HEY...  you can order THESE from CHEWY.COM and it will be CHEAPER.           AND I want to THANK YOU fur telling ME about CHEWY.COM....  I have started ordering MY Dogs' Foods and things from them.    I am really impressed with"    
    WE think that THAT is a REAL testimony fur our BELOVED   CHEWY.COM .   Don't YOU???        When a DOGTOR says She uses and Likes Chewy.Com...    you KNOW just how fabulous REALLY IS.         JUST SAYIN.