Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wordly Wednesday

My brushpile and garden plot. You can also see some of my safety fence. That is where I have to go when mom and dad can't be watching me. It is also where all of MY company can go to play. As you can tell we live on a nice sized hill. It makes for wonderful... looking.
The hill that is across the way... is really over a mile AS THE CROW FLIES from my house. There is a nice valley between the hills.

See, I really do live WAY OUT IN THE COUNTRY. It would be peaceful... except for Jim the Grinch guy.

When our TEMPORARY neighbors were here this summer, Brandie loved to bring Bacall, Atticus, and Austin J. up here to play in my fenced area. Brandie would always say to mom, "How do you ever get anything done up here? If I lived here I would be on this front porch and never cook or clean. I love to just look at the hills." And that was even befor they started to turn pretty colors. I will admit that SOME days it is a bit difficult for me to get mom to leave the porch, even to do something for M E !!! Shocking isn't it???

I know this isn't YELLOW like my favorite tree...butt yellow wouldn't show up for easy reading. Sorry, this is the best that I could do. I had mom and dad take these pics. yesterday beclaws it was sunny and nice. Today...not so much.

That is not only MY favorite tree (under which if do my best Gwalk-a-moley work), butt it is my MOM's favorite also. She loves to sit and look at it from the diningroom when she eats her supper. I don't know why I am doing anything nice for her since she washed off all my window bumper guards, butt being the sweet sort that I am...

I think the view from the other side of the house is just as nice. That is the side MY sunporch is on. The only thing is... there are so many trees on that side of the house that you can't see as far.
The worst thing about all the leaves coming off the trees is that when they are bare... I can see a tiny bit of the Grinch's house... a n d .... HE can see mine!!! Shiver Shake
Yesterday was LOREN'S Birthday. He and Brandie are in Branson, MO. I wish they hadn't moved away. I was just getting to know Bacall, Atticus, and Austin J..
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOREN !!! PEE S. Thanks for all the goodies you sent to me. I wanted to play with Cowboy Turkey, butt mean old dad wouldn't let me. (Sorry folks, this is an outside joke.)
Yesterday was another rodent disappointment for me. I hope my new conTRAPtion arrives today. I am in serious need of more machines and LESS rodents.

Dad used the big scary Robokiller thingy to dig up the rest of my garden today. He was very much careful not to disturb my brush pile though. That is one of my few cold weather joys. Rooting around in an interesting brush pile is grrrreat fun. I never know what may be lurking in there.

Pee PEE S. (some days I am just full of that stuff) I almost forgot to tell you this bit of sad news. Mom and dad went to the lake yesterday and COVERED the Lady L. all up for the winter. The mystery guys will come in a few days and tow her to winter dry dock. I was so very much upset about it that I wouldn't even go with them!!! Say Good Bye to Cap'n Frankie and his crew until... April. Whine Whine Whine sigh SIGH GROAN



Hey Frankie, guess what?
I have the same problem with my Mommy. When we go to the country, her and Aunt Mary sit on the porch just looking around enjoying nature and never pay attention to us dachsies. I wish I could come play with you in your brush pile. It looks like fun. The trees here never turn colors. They goe from green, to brown and then just plain naked.

Travis had his surgery and is doing well. Meredith is fostering him which means we can visit him soon. Thanks for caring abiut him.

Are you dressing up for Halloween too?


Frankie Furter said...

Hi Mona, No I'm not dressing up for Halloween. Just a new neck scarf. That is really good news about Poor Travis.

Sam said...

What gorgeous hill you live on! You're one lucky dog!

PS, I do usually post pictures and videos from my agility class, so hopefully I'll have some next week. Marge really loves her agility!

Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Frankie
What a beautiful view. Sorry about your boat.
Love Ruby & Penny

sadermaxx said...

Hi Frankie!
you sure do have a nice yard with a lot of land and nice trees.
Sorry you had to have your boat put away tho.


Gos! Frankie,

Where you live is every doggy's dream! It looks like a post card!

Lately, we've been living in hotels. We think'n about coming to live with you!

See ya soon!

Riley and Star.

Frankie Furter said...

Hi Riley and Star... you would be most welcome to come to my house. We could play and romp and... harrass RODENTS. Sound like fun???

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Mom and I SOOOOO understand the magikh powers of staring at the hills -

We do that each day! I sit out in the yard under my tree AND she sits with the laptop watching me as we with both watch the hills!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Frankie!
Your place is pawesome!
I'd love to have all that area to run around!
Kisses and hugs

Life With Dogs said...

Oh Frankie, your autumn lament is not falling on deaf ears! We really feel your pain up this way.

I love your views!