Monday, October 12, 2009

Hatfields and McGrinches

I had to go work on getting my Pontoon boat ready for her long winter sleep yesterday. I checked my Rodent conTRAPtions before I left and again as soon as we returned. Sad to say, nothing to reports as yet.

Tank has asked some questions about my ongoing difficulties with Jim the Grinch Guy who lives down my road. This situation started many years before I was born. He used to just pick on my mom, now he gives us BOTH a hard time. I don't even KNOW why he doesn't bother dad. I just know that he used to take my mom's car to his garage and hold her hostage for days and years and forever. He did mind tricks with Olivia the Oldsmobile until he totally corrupted her. She no longer wanted to live in her very nice garage up here... she just wanted to be down... THERE with all the redneck trucks and tractors and the rough talk and... I don't even know what all else. It got so bad that mom had to just let Olivia live her own life. That is when she got Jennifer the Jeep. Jennifer is not allowed to roll wheels anywhere near that place of total corruption. Then the Grinch started to demand POINTS for all the little things that he does for us, like g etting our mail when we go away. That costs mom a POINT for every day we are gone. BUTT WE DO NOT GET ANY POINTS WHEN WE GET THE GRINCH'S MAIL FOR HIM. See... that is just how he is. Anyway Jim the Grinch Guy is ALWAYS trying to do mean sneaky stuff. Like last week when he (falsely) accused my mom of sending our friend's wife a SYMPATHY card for their Anniversary!! It was a GRINCH trick and he just wanted to keep from being blamed for such a terrible thingy.
It never matters how hard we try we just can't make him be nice. If HE puts up HIS Christmas lights first... we never hear the end of it. If ours goes up first... same result. If mom sends the Grinch a NOTE... (always delivered by dad) the Grinch complains and shows it to ALL HIS FRIENDS. If she goes a few days and DOESN'T send him any notes... he complains to everybuddy (who will listen to him) that he must have done some bad thing because he hasn't gotten any NOTES in DAYS and DAYS and DAYS.
Yep, it is like the Hatfields and the McGrinches!!!
a NEVER ENDING... something.
BUTT none of us would have it any other way...hehehe


sadermaxx said...

Hi Frankie!
That Grinch guy sounds like a mean man.

Anonymous said...

thanks for clearing that up Frankie

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Fur sure!

It is now as khlear as mud...

Or something like that!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Frankie!
An interesting story between them!
Kisses and hugs