Sunday, October 11, 2009


First I want to give you an update on my Acme Co. conTRAPtions. Even though it was really sunny and nice yesterday... I didn't catch one single rodent in any of my three machines. Tank thinks I need to check the Acme Co. return policy. I am going to sniff into that today. I did send in another order yesterday. I hope that one will arrive tomorrow. I'll keep you informed.
Mom and Dad went to Bonnie and Jr. Grinch's WEDDING THINGY last night. I was NOT invited BUTT this is what I found out after they got home.
I think this getting married thing is like when I got adopted. They get a new place to live and there are lots of new rules for them to learn. They also get NEW NAMES for just that special day. Mom said Bonnie was a beautiful GUIDE and Jr. Grinch was a handsome BROOM.
Mom said Bonnie the GUIDE was helping people get to the food and leading all the dancing stuff. So I understand the GUIDE thing, butt I don't know about the BROOM stuff. I know that brooms are for getting crumby things off the floor. Maybe that Jr. Grinch was doing crumby stuff all evening. That sounds like him to me.
They had that big food thing going and I actually got some of it.... BECLAWS.... my very much good friend THERESA (who is the Jim the Grinch Guy's sister) made a bowl of deeelicious pork and some cheese for Mom to bring to me. Theresa is NOT a Grinch.
I was really sad and hurt when I found out that Lee and Arianna and Jalyn were there and I did not get to see them. They are some of my VERY MUCH FAVORITE children. I am really mad that I didn't get to play with them. I just may go down the road and poop in Jr. Grinch's new yard. At Least... Lee and Arianna have seen MY Christmas Lights and now know that it is time to start telling their grandPAW , Jim the Grinch Guy, to GET BUSY AND PUT UP HIS LIGHTS. hehehe
Congratulations and Best Wishes to
from Frankie Furter


sadermaxx said...

Hi Frankie!
Sadie said " that pooping in the Grinch's yard sounds like a good idea, the more you can do to teach a Grinch a lesson the better."
by the way you human sister lives in the other side of the state for us, we are in north east PA.Its nice that you have family in our state thought.
What a small world.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight... it's still 3 weeks till Halloween and you have Christmas lights up????
And you wonder why you're not catching squirrels in your Acme Co contraptions? Let me explain it to you. The squirrels think you're CRAZY and have moved to the neighbor's yard!!!

Frankie Furter said...

Yes Sadie, it ddoes seem to be a small world.

Tank... this Christmas Light thing is a race between my DaD and the GRINCH Guy. Every year the Grinch TRIES to get his up BEFORE dad does... THAT way he can MOCK DAD. BUTT so far he has never won the race. Dad always gets his up BEFORE DEER SEASON. Sometimes the Grinch doesn't get his up until the week before Christmas. It's all about the Grinch(s) on this hill. Not crazy... crafty!!
Pee S. We don't really turn them on until after Thanksgiving,,,except for a night or tow just to taunt andd mock the Grinch. hehehe

Anonymous said...

maybe I need to go into your archives and read up on the Grinch's... is this like a Hatfield's & McCoy feud that has lasted generations and now nobody even remembers what started it?

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

That Tank is something!

BTW, khongrats to the Guide and Broom!

Will they be getting a dust pan of their own?


Lorenza said...

Congratulations to the Guide and Broom!
Glad they had a pawesome time!
The battle for the Christmas Light thing between your Dad and the Grinc Guy sounds very interesting!
I am still waiting for the first rodent!
Kisses and hugs


Hi Frankie our new frend,

We say put up the lights! The squirrels will think it's Christmas and move down to Florida where it's warmer!

Riley and Star.

sadermaxx said...

Hi Frankie
We wanted to ask you to stop by our blog tomorrow to share our award.