Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I was soooo bad when Sarge had his birthday. he he he he He got these snacks that said Sargent's Tastee Burgers. I grabbed one bag and ripped them open and started eating them very much speedy quick. he he he he I loved it.

Then Sarge tried to bring his very much big stick up onto my porch but it wouldn't fit through my in and out ramp hole. I loved it. It was soooo very much funny.

I included a picture of me on my swing after they left.

I also gave you a pic of me in my crib/cage. That is where I love to stay when H E is at my house. HE can't get me or any of my stuff. Then I mock him every time he goes by. GRRRReat dog fun.

I have not been able to get on and do my blog for... DAYS ... because MOM has been too very much busy doing garden stuff like tomato juice and stuff. She didn't even have time to get my YapStop down for me. Tomorrow she will have to do MORE juice soooo I don't know if she will help me get this down again or not. She can be such a cat fart sometimes.

I have tons more to tell you... like the HORSE that was in my yard and my friends Lee and Arianna coming to see me and the TURKEY thing. I guess you will just have to do what mom tells me.... cool your jets Bud. I'll get you all caught up as soon as I can.

Gotta go now... it is time for me to gwalk my moley. Talk with you soon.


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Good lukhk!

It khan be a challenge to get our assistants to rekhognise priorities!


Frankie said...

Oh, Frankie. You are sooooo funny. I can tell you're mad because you're calling your mom names!!!!!

We LOVE the picture of you on the couch with your bones. You look like you have been through it all! The playpen is a great idea! I think Frankie Mae needs one for when we have friends with little kids over!

Can't wait to hear about the story regarding the horse! What happened?! Did you bark at it? Were you scared? They are so big compared to us!

Frankie Furter said...

Yes, Khyra they can be quite difficult at times. he he he

HI Frankie Mae, I'll tell you about the horse (poops) tomorrow. I am glad that you like my swing. I love to get on it with mom when she reads. It is summer time bliss. I get my very much good bones at Woodie's store in Pennsylvania. They are soooo yummy.