Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Two of my friends

These are what mom and dad and Lori and Stan call TURKEY. They play this silly game with Turkey. I don't understand it, butt it seems to make them all very much happy because they always LAUGH and LAUGH when they "find" a TURKEY. One time mom and Lori hung two TURKEY things up when dad and Stan were away fishing. When they came home they found TURKEY hanging up where they would touch the windshield of the truck.
This is what Lori brought (and sneaked outside and hung up at 6 in the morning) to surprise mom and dad. Mom just LOVES (seriously) Loves LOVES what she now calls the TURKEY MOBILE. When the wind blows they all swing and go around and around. That gets EVERYONE all excited and they Laugh like a hound dog with a treed coon. The whole thing just leaves me AMAZED. I mean really, all that fuss over a squeaky turkey toy.

These are SHOES. They belong to my friends. They came to visit me the other day (and they saw the Turkey thingy,too). I like both pairs of shoes BUTT... ONE PAIR IS SUPER DUPER. Can you guess which one???

These are my friends (the ones with the shoes). We are sitting on my porch swing.

Don't you think we are three of the CUTEST THINGS you have EVER seen????
I am on the left side, Lee is in the middle, and Arianna is on the right side. The best part is... they do NOT act like their grandpa (or their uncle). he he he I hope they come back to see me again Very Much SOON. I want to teach them how to gwalk moleys. I think they would Love doing that. he he he

I had a very much BIG horse in my yard on Friday night and again on Saturday night. Because it was waaaay late at night I did not have to go out and chase it away. I am pretty glad about that since it was REALLY big. Butt guess what... it made poops in my yard both nights. I do not go near that stuff. Mom is really excited because she wants to put it in MY garden. HERE WE GO WITH THAT CRAP AGAIN. I just do not understand her sometimes.

Anyway, the horses live down the road. Their fields are past where my apple tree is. I am NEVER allowed to go beyond the apple tree. I don't think the horses are supposed to come on my side of the tree, butt I don't know this for sure. I don't think they are allowed to break down their fence like that and run up here and eat my grass. I wonder if they will get grounded for being bad? None of the horses have come back, soooo I guess they must have.
I was busy as a cat on a hot tin roof today. I had to do all the yard and garden and porch work all by myself. Mom and dad were busy canning tomato juice. I guess it will be like that tomorrow, too because mom is going to cook and freeze corn and dad is going to mow. HO HUM ! A dachshund's work is never done.


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...


How do woo do it?

All that akhtivity?

Tank woo fur sharing your furiends!


Frankie Furter said...

Its a hard job, BUTT someone has to do it. he he he

Wait until you see my next post. Lee and Arianna and... the Grinch were here again. I have some grrrreat pics of us having fun.