Sunday, June 28, 2009

Maverick on board

I spent yesterday at the lake. I made mom pack my lunch and dinner and to be sure that I had TWO pieces of cheese for my extra snacks. I made dad take all of his fishing stuff.
I went swimming TWICE. I also sent Salty Dawg off on SHORE PATROL a Bunch of times. I (oops, I mean HE) loves to do that.
When I went to swim the second time... I met this very much grrrreat new friend. He is a dachshund, just like me. Well, almost like me. He isn't the same color and he does not have long hair, butt I don't hold those things against anyone. My new friend is named Maverick. He and I liked each other right away. We played in the water and sand for a little bit and then... I decided that Maverick needed to go on my boat.
I had him get his family gathered up and guess what.... they knew my mom and dad and me already. Maverick's people had gone for a ride on my boat last year at the LUAU. They were very much happy to get another ride on my boat. Maverick was not with them at the Luau so it was all new to him.
We explored the boat, which did not take long. Then we Played. We both loved it. Maverick was a very much good sailor, just like I am.
The bottom picture is from LAST WEEKEND when my "sister" Lori was here. She is driving my boat butt my first mate (Dad) sat there to be sure she did not run us aground. he he he
After we took Maverick and his nice family back to the beach, we went to fish and stuff some more. It was getting kind of late and there was a boat that was having motor trouble. I ordered my crew to hoist anchor and go to their aide. Another boat came and we got it tied to the crippled pontoon boat and made sure that its crew was all safe. Then I had my crew act as the PILOT boat and we got the ship towed to the dock. That was a very much exciting thing. My ship (pontoon boat) and my crew RESCUED someone. It was a very much grrrreat day.

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Lacy said...

w00fs Frankie, looks like u had a fun time on the lake...

b safe,