Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Caught one !!

Hey I finally made it to my boat yesterday. Cap'n Frankie made the crew anchor and let Salty Dawg do some GRRReat shore patroling. Then... my dad wanted to troll so guess what... he caught a HUGE big catfish. We were all having a super time UNTIL... big black clouds and thunder forced me to send my little ship back to her safe harbor. At least we had enough time to have a super lunch on board before the weather put us in full steam ahead.
Just as we were driving away from the dock it started to rain. Whew. I am very much good at timing.
Grinch alert !! Did I ever tell you about the Grinch's Son???? His name is also Jim and he is a JUNIOR Grinch. Well, when we were coming up our road from the lake yesterday, there was the Grinch Jr.. He is going to BUILD A HOUSE right by his mom and dad's house. GOOD GRIEF !! It will be a NEST OF GRINCHES !! Poor Fawn Tell. Poor Frankie. There goes our neighborhood !!! he he he

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