Thursday, May 21, 2009

Grinch Alert

This time it was my poor dad that got Grinched. Whew.
I guess that Jim the Grinch Guy has had a very sore foot. Dad says it is all swollen up.
I think I know why. It is either his Heart or his Brain. I mean really, where else would a grinch keep those things? I think his hairy old paws would be just the place. Maybe they are swollen from over use. he he he
Well, anyway the Grinch said that he couldn't plant his garden because his foot hurt. (I am surprised that a Grinch can even feel pain, aren't you?) So he made my dad go down there and try to help him put the plants in. Okay, dad went and then for some reason, known only to a grinch, he sent dad back home.
Now I think that this is what is going on. The Grinch Guy KNOWS he isn't going to get any tomatoes to grow on his vines. So when stuff like old newspapers, empty tin cans, broken egg shells, and other junky stuff starts growing out of his plants he will blame it all on my dad. Never mind that those are just the type of things that would come from a Grinch's Garden, dad will get the blame.
I sure am glad that I didn't go down there today. I finally lucked out.
I also lucked out when dad got in trouble the other day and got grounded from the 4-wheeler. He had to ride the John Deere down to the Grinch's house. That caused a big old commotion, let me tell you. He scared Fawn Tell's little grandaughter with that mower. (Yes, I know that isn't how I am supposed to spell her name, BUTT it is my blog and I get to do things MY WAY.)
Dad should not scare little girls. Especially pretty ones. I know she is pretty because I peeked out of the Jeep last night and saw her. I didn't let her see me though because I didn't want her to be afraid again. he he he


Nibbles Treats said...

Such goings-on. Never a dull moment.

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Frankie Furter said...

Right you are. Never dull with a Grinch in the neighborhood. he he he