Tuesday, February 3, 2009

a Little Nervous today

If we don't get any more snow today, I am going to my new writer's group meeting tonight. Mom has gone there many times. Then they invited me to join. The problem is that ever since the night the invited me... we have had one snow after another on the day of their meetings. Mom has not even been able to make their meetings since way back in November.
I don't know these people. I have an introduction written and ready to have mom read to them. I want them to like me. My only problem is, Mom says that they don't have very much good cheese snacks at this meeting, like they do at my first group.
My mate, Kenzo and his mum liked the big vase that I had on yesterday's post. I thought I would put several more in. If you look behind the vase you will see ME. It kind of gives you an idea of how large the vases really are. My dad is completely hidden behind the vase. This one was actually painted by a whole group of high school art students.
Wish me luck tonight. If I get to go... I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.


lady jicky said...

mate! Don't worry so much. If it snows , it snows! I saw London and Paris on telly last night!
Now - think Positive and off you go to Mums club. Give them that "cutey" look and watch those old girls stuff ya face full of cheese and cake!!! Thats what I will be doing if I EVER get off this puppy food stuff. Rrrrrr
I like that huge vase and I would never have seen you behind it if you did not mention it! He, he.

Frankie Furter said...

I am glad that you like the vases. I like them so very much that I never ever pee on the ones that are still in my town.
I am very much tired tonight. I will tell you about my meeting in my blog tomorrow. It was very much grrrreat.
We are going to miss our mate Henry, aren't we.

lady jicky said...

Frankie - I take it things went Grreat!
Told you!
Oh yes, we will miss Frankie but - that guy have alot of ladies to wink at ! I hope so.
See Ya!

p.s. its heating up again Frankie - not liking it!!!

lady jicky said...

Oops, I mean we will miss Henry !
Its been so hard to post on your site lately Frankie that I get so nervous that I will not be able to post that my diction is not great!
Why so hard???