Monday, February 2, 2009

Yesterday was SOUP-R-BOWL day

I knew it was soup-r-bowl day because my mom made POTATO SOUP. It is my favorite because she puts very much good milk and cheese in it. I am not allowed to eat the potatoes, but that is ok by me. That nice warm cheesey milk is all flavored with the carrots onions celery and potatoes anyway.

I was pretty surprised to learn that people on my TV knew that mom had made a SOUP-R-BOWL of potato soup for my supper. There was a big football game in honor of my mom's soup. They really went all out celebrating her soup. Who would have thought. Even Barak Obama went on television talking about what an exciting day SOUP-R-BOWL day was. I just can't get over it. They are still talking about it today. I just didn't realize that my mom's soup was this famous. It was a very much grrrrreat pot of soup, by the way. Well worth all all of the TV celebration.
This is Groundhog day. They said on TV that he did see his shadow so that means that I am going to have to put up with six more weeks of winter. That is really stink butt news.
My Picture today is of one of the 6 feet tall vases that local artists painted. I don't know who did this one. I like it though.


lady jicky said...

Oh Frankie - that rotten groundhog saw his shadow!
Mate, you shouldn't have let him stick his head out! He, he.

Love that big vase - you could put that superbowl soup in it! Woof.
See Ya!,

Frankie Furter said...

Kenzo, did you hear about the very much bad deep snow that fell in London and Paris? Do you suppose our friend Henry will be up to his... in that cold wet stuff???

Yes, I should have been out there keeping Ohio's number one groundhog (Buckeye Chuck) in his hole.
I am glad you like that vase. I will try to put some others up for you to see. All the artists did such different things. There were several that were patriotic Red White and Blue themes, yet each was totally unique. I posted the one that is in front of our local post office. I will try to get a shot of the one that is in front of my favorite bank. It has an eagle on it and just makes my mom shiver to see it.
My mate Barney's mum said that vase was so pretty that it hurt to see it.