Friday, January 2, 2009

Your words are difficult

Yes, I know that Christmas was "last month", but darn it. I think I look soooo cute in my Santa Paws suit that I may just keep using these pics for a few more days. he he he

I have been thinking about all the things that have happened in my last year. The first, and maybe the best, was that my mom decided that she be tired. She was really tired of having to get up in the morning and go away for a very much long time. She missed me so much when she was gone, so she be tired from her job. Now she can stay home with me every day !!! She really likes it, and so do I.

The next really good thing that happened was that I started going to writers' groups with my mom. It is very much exciting and good for me. I am learning many very much difficult things. I have learned to use the computer and to write fun stories. I like writing even though it is very much hard for me sometimes.

You may not believe this, but English is not my first language. Remember that I am a Dachshund and we came from Germany. That means that my first language is Dachshund and I speak it with a German "accent". To write your very much complicated English, I first have to think in Dachshund and then turn it into your words on the computer. I tend to make a lot of mistakes. Sort of like when I thought his name was Bark O'Momma instead of Barak Obama.

I kind of like him better as Bark O'Momma. I think it made him seem more real to me.

Anyway, I do have trouble with some "people words". My mom thinks it is pretty funny sometimes. That is okay with me. Laughing is something that people need to do, a lot !!!!

I also helped with a Luau that was held at my lake. I made my dad take people out for rides on my pontoon boat. We had her all decorated up very much grrrreat. Everyone loved getting to ride on her. I even sat on a boys lap to make him not be afraid. I very much liked that. Someday I may put some luau pictures on here for you to see. You will very much not believe how many people were there and how much fun they had. I love my boat and my lake. (I caught a clam one day, all by myself.)

And of course I was in a play. That was very much grrrreat, too. We had fun and the people who came to see it had a good time.

The last super thing for me was when Santa Paws brought me my very own YapStop computer. It works very much easier for me. I think I will be able to do much more, and better writing, now that I don't have to use my mom's dumb old computer any more.

Yes, my 2008 was very much a tail wagging wonderful time. Looking back on all that I have done and seen, I just wonder what I will have to look foreward to. I hope that 2009 is just half as good as 08 was. I'll keep you... POSTED. he he he

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Henry the Dog said...

Well Frankie, it sounds as if you had a great 2008. Don't worry about the words, they'll come eventually. I'm learning French at the mo and it is a tad confusing. No, I lie, it's HUGELY confusing. So I truly sympathise. Thanks for visiting my blog and see you again soon:)