Thursday, January 8, 2009

Still no word from Bark O'Momma

I am not discouraged. Just yesterday our Pres-Elect announced a brand new secretary position for his cabinet. I am sure he will be getting to me soon. I am dreaming about how wonderful it will be when I get inside his cabinet. I will do very much grrreat things to help make life better for all animals when I become Secretary of Animal Care and Protection.

I will get to go to Hawaii. I have never been there, but my mom and sister have. They went there for Christmas one year. I have seen their pictures. Bark O'Momma used to live there when he was a pup. He was there over Christmas. He will want his secretaries to be in his cabinets there.

I like to wear flowers, as you can see. They do that in Hawaii. I will fit right in. There are even more beaches than I have at my lake. I will very much love that. It is so fun to run on the beach with waves coming in. I get very much excited when there are waves on my lake. I like to bite at them.

I can hardly wait for my email from Bark. I know he and I will like each other a lot. We both want to make things better for everyone. He can work for two legged ones and I will work for all the fur folks. When we need a break and a rest we can go to Hawaii.

I am pretty excited about that Hawaii part. Mom says you can't even go there in a Jeep. That makes me very much happy. I guess I need to ask if we will go on the 4-wheeler or on my boat. I like both of those, just not cars, trucks, or Jennifer Jeep.

I am still a little bit concerned about this business of being in a cabinet though. I hope he doesn't have as much stuff in his cabinets as my mom does. There wouldn't be any room for me to play with all my toys. Where do you suppose the keep the cheese?

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