Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I am still waiting for my email

I don't understand why Bark O'Momma (I still think of him with that name, I mean no disrespect.) has not emailed me about this cabinet postion thing. I hope he knows my address.
I would do such a GRRRRReat job as secretary of Animal Care and Protection. I know there are millions of animals that need to be taken much better care of. I would be a super spokesman for them.
Then there would be those meetings. Tons of meetings with Cheese Platters on every one of those tables. Yummm
I suppose it would be easier for Bark to just call me on the phone, but mom says no. Not even for the President Elect, am I allowed to use the phone again. She has such a long memory for SOME things. I guess when I am in the Cabinet, I will have to get my very own phone. he he he.
I am still keeping my Resolution. Mom is pretty happy about that. She said that if I keep it for the full month, she will buy another bag of food for me to take to the animal shelter.
I have started to worry about how I will manage to be in this next play and still take care of all my duties as Secretary of Animal Care and Protection. I suppose I could just boss people around and make them do some of my work. Decisions decisions, I have so many things to think about and do. It isn't easy being me, some days. My mind is like a wagging tail right now. It is going in all directions. I may have to calm down and try to nap for a bit.
Auditions for the play are coming up soon. I want my mom to hurry up and make my costume. I could wear it to the audition. I am sure it would help me get a good part.
I am going to check my email now. I'll bet I have something from Bark. I'll let you know.

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Henry the Dog said...

Hi Frankie, what part are you hoping to play? I've always fancied acting. In fact I wouldn't mind being a Celeb. I hear that these acting guys sometimes get more than £10 a movie. Now that would be something:)