Friday, January 9, 2009

Open mouth... insert COB

Like I have said before, English is NOT my first language. I spoke dachshund long before I began to learn this very much complicated language of yours. It is still much easier for me to write it, than to hear it. I don't always hear things right, and I don't know all of your words yet.

Yesterday I my mom made my Pirate costume for the next play. When she finished she put it on me and said something that really scared me. I THOUGHT she said that I was going to be a squashed cuddler. I got squashed when I was all cuddled up to mom one night. She rolled over on me. I really very much did not like that, and I didn't want to get cuddled and squashed in this play.

So I sent email to everyone saying I was not going to be in this play. Now if find out... I got the words all wrong. Sort of like when I thought Barak Obama's name was Bark O'Momma.

What mom really said was, " Frankie you are going to be a great SWASHBUCKLER !!!!

I had never heard that word before. Mom now tells me it means a boasting and bragging adventurer. That is what a lot of Pirates were supposed to be like. I do like adventure, of course, but I have totally quit that boasting and bragging stuff. I haven't been grounded for that stuff for WEEKS ! Not one time since I got my very own personal private YapStop computer......

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