Thursday, December 11, 2008

Santa Paws Letter #3

Dear Santa Paws,

I was so good yesterday. You would not even recognize that it was me. I helped my mom do house work !!! She was picking up my toys and putting them in my toy room and I helped her with that work. She really likes to do that. So every time she took stuff back to the toy boxes I brought more stuff into the living room. It must have made her very proud of me because she said, "Frankie you are something else."

I thinked up another reason why you need to bring me my own computer that has no mouse. I mostly am not getting my naps. That is because I have to use my nap time to get on the computer when my mom is out of this room doing other stuff.

If I have my very own computer that has no mouse I will be able to use it whenever I need to and it won't have to keep me from taking my nap.

That will be very good for me because my mom says I become CRANKY FRANKIE when I miss my nap time. I will be much nicer to people if I get my naps and am not cranky.

I have the right day marked on the calendar now. I know when you will be coming, you Dear Old Shelf.

Don't forget to look for your MILK GLASS and COOKIE PLATE when you bring my new computer.

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