Friday, December 12, 2008

Ho Ho Ho you Jolly Old Shelf #4

Santa Paws, was that you that had the deer in my yard last night? Were you checking up on me?

I found the reindeer poops when I went outside this morning. I am just sure that it is from your deer.

I know I was being very good because my mom told me I was a good boy when we went to bed last night. (I am just telling you this in case it wasn't you.)

Have you looked at my very much sad face in this picture? It is because the evil GRINCH made me work hard like he does him poor little Max. My face is also sad because I have to use a computer that has a mouse.

Don't forget that I am going to leave a MILK GLASS & A COOKIE PLATE out for you on Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve is on the 24th. you know. I am just reminding you because I know you are not really young and that means sometimes you might forget things.

I am such a good boy to remind you so that you won't forget all the good little dachshunds.


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