Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Letter to Santa Paws #2

Dear Santa Paws,

My mom says that you are a jolly old shelf. I did not know a shelf could be jolly. I have a shelf in my toy room. It isn't jolly, but it is old.

I want to be sure that you know what a good boy I have been.

Now to the important stuff. Did you get my other letter? I don't think you did because I looked and looked this morning and there was no new computer for me.

Do you know how much I am needing a new computer of my very own? It has to be one of those no mouse kind. Did you remember that part???

I did forget to tell you this part about why I need a no mouse computer. Now I have to share the computer with my mom who is a big hog. Her computer is on a very much too tall desk thing and I have to get up in the roll around chair to do my keyboard work. The chair rolls away from me and it stretches me waaaaaaaaaaaay out long (because I am a dachshund) and it might hurt my back or something. So, you Jolly old Shelf, you can see why I very much need my own computer that has no scary mouse thing and that I can keep where it is very much easy for me to work on.

I will leave a milk glass and a cookie plate out for you tonight. XOXOXOXOX

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