Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Letter to SANTA PAWS

Dear Santa Paws,
I have been a very very good little DACHSHUND this whole year. I have worked very hard and not done any really bad things.
I only want one thing for my Christmas present. I would like my very own computer thing. I need one that does not have a MOUSE.
I don't like mice at all. I especially don't like the giant one that lives at Dizzy World. That is where my friend Jalyn went and she said it was a really huge mouse and that I couldn't go there with her because it might eat me up.
That is part of why I need a no mouse computer. The other part is because I don't have any thumbs so it makes it very hard for me to use the computer. The kind that does not have a mouse will be very easy for me to work with.
I have many things that I want to do on the computer, but it is very hard for me now.
Did you know that I am only two years old? Did you know that I was attacked by this wicked evil thing called a GRINCH ? I am sending you the picture of what he did to me. It was very sad. He made me pull a huge sleigh full of very heavy toys and stuff that he stole from little children. That means that that GRINCH forced me to be involved in a crime.
I just wanted you to know what a terrible sad life I have to live. Even though I am such a very good boy.
Now that you know all of this stuff, I am sure that you will want me to have a NO MOUSE COMPUTER that I won't have to share with my mom. I won't write any bad stuff if I get my own computer. I will just say wonderful things about people. I won't tell any secrets. I won't tell any gossip. Mostly I promise not to use any of those words that little dachshunds are not allowed to use. XOXOXOXOXOX

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