Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Party miracle

Christmas is really a wonderful time. I went to my Cousin Donna and Dave's house for a family party today. It was very much fun for me.

They brought really nice kids for me to play with.

The food was so very much good. There was HAM AND CHEESE. They are both my favorites. I did not know that Cousin Donna knew that. She must have, because she made it all just for me, I think.

It was probably because I wore my Santa Paws suit just for her!!!

A very nice man took my picture with his telephone. I did not know about doing that. My mom only uses the camera on me. He said that he would send my picture way far away to he sister. I felt very much special.

People picked me up and held me. They were all so soft and gentle and good. Family is just the very much best of all.

My mom told me this story on the way home. There were once two great ladies who were like sisters. One day one of them said something that caused them to get into a very much big argument. They didn't talk to each other for a time that was longer than any dachshund. Then one day out of the blue that lady sent her bestest friend a letter of paw la gee. Paw la gees are good things any day but at Christmas they have miracle dust on them. They got back together and are once again like sisters. And guess what... those two ladies were at this wonderful party today. My mom said that Miracles do happen at Christmas.

I am going to remember this story because it caused good things to happen. I like that.

When I got home I went right to my cliner chair and went to sleep. I had so much good fun with nice people and all of that really good ham and cheese. I slept for 4 hours. Having fun like that makes you tired, you know.

I think Christmas is just the very much best of all times. I am such a lucky dachshund to get to do so many great things.

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