Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Party Today !

HO HO HO I am going to a party today. I will wear my Santa Paws suit.
This party will be at my cousin Donna and Dave's house.
My mom has food to take, but I am taking the best stuff of all. I am going to take...
Cheese !!!!!
The last time we got together it was for a cook out. They called it a weiner roast.
Being a Dachshund, I did not like that much. I was a little bit afraid that they would do bad things to me there. They didn't though. Everyone was very much nice to me.
That time I made a piggy of myself and I ate sooooo much good food that I got sick. I promise I won't do that silly thing this time.
Dear Santa Paws, You Jolly old Shelf you. If you are reading this...don't forget that I am going to leave a MILK GLASS and a COOKIE PLATE for you !!!!
Did you rembember that I want my very own computer that has no mouse? Did you rembember that it is called a YAP STOP computer that has a touch pad?
Merry Christmas to everyone in the Whole World. Peace and Happiness.

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