Sunday, December 21, 2008

I was told that I am a Party Animal

My mom and dad say that I am tired and cranky today. They also said that I needed a nap. I am fooling them. I am on my blog instead. HO HO HO

I am getting really worried about this visit from Santa Paws. My friend Jalyn told me that it was a long time until the day he is supposed to come. I can't wait much longer.

If you can help me with my wish list I would very much like that. The only thing I need for you to tell Santa Paws is that I very much need my own computer. One that does not have a mouse (I hate those mice things) and it has to be a Yapstop with a touch pad. I am always wanting touches and I have pads on my feet. Everyone knows it is good for dogs to STOP YAPPING.
So, here goes again... YapStop with a touch pad and NO MOUSE.
I have to go in a very much big hurry now. I think my mom is coming in to be sure I am taking this nap. MERRY CHRISTMAS KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN FOR MIRACLES.

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