Friday, December 4, 2009

More shopping pics

This is ME Frankie Furter giving shopping advice to a tiny tiny pup who was on his FURST shopping trip ever. He was 1/2 Poodle and 12 Lhasa Apso. He was on his way home from his ADOPTION. Isn't that cool that I was there to help him. Poor little pup was scared and confused. I made it all better for him. Especially after I got that blue sweater on him. Here I am looking for more things for Bilbo. Did I tell you that I only spent 13 cents more than I was supposed to??? Mom never said a word about it. So there L O R I !!! Neener Neener Neener. Mom likes ME the best.
It was really so very much hard to decide what to get.... and NOT have my butt sniffing sister yap and yap about how much plastic and green papers everything was.

My head was just spinning with all of the choices.

I hope next year Jazzi says we can spend a BAZILLION green papers and plastic. I would really have a ball then.

I knew that Bilbo likes TENNIS balls, butt they have to be really little ones. THEN I remembered that I had some at home that I have never played with. They don't go... SHRIEK SHRIEK SHRIEK when I bitey them so I don't think they are any fun. Well now... that was better... they were perfectly new.. still in the package soooo I can save some green paper and just GIVE those to Bilbo... Not part of the X-Change $$$$ limit. YEA!!! an extra value added bonus for Bilbo. PLUS I got to go Neener Neener Neener to Lori AGAIN. And could get one more real X-Change thingy for Bilbo and still be just a teeny tiny bit over budget.
I guess I showed that calculator (AND MY CAT CRAP BOSSY OL' SISTER) a thing or two about messing with a DACHSHUND.


SGR said...

Woof! Shopping will do that to you ... your head will spin with all the great goodies. I never seen a small tennis ball??? Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Mango said...

Look at all those balls! I would have snuck a few out in my jowls for you.


pam said...

Frankie are you sure that was a dog? It looked like a sausage in a blue sweater to us.

Bobo and Meja

Frankie Furter said...

I know what you mean about that tiny pup. He was soooo very much tired that he couldn't hold his little head up. And.. you should have seen him try to walk.. he kept falling over. Puppies are sooooooo cute.

sadermaxx said...

Hi Frankie!

Hay did you know that Kong make balls that squeak, Sadie isn't much for balls either,(every time you read something about dachshunds it says dachshunds are obsessed with ball)but Sadie likes the squeaker balls.
But then again it is also the Kong co. that makes Wubbas and you can't even touch her Wubba without her getting upset.

Beaglebratz & mom too said...

Oh Frankie - u were such a good furrend to help out that little pup. Poor baby (the pup) to be exposed to such abundance of goodiez at such an tender age - that iz sumthing to be werked intu gradually - it'za good thing u were there Frankie tu lend moral support. Shasta duz haf a little tennis ball that squeeks - think mom found it at that Target place - a package of three.

Cheryl, Indiana, Shingo and Molly said...

Frankie your shopping trip looks like such fun! You were so nice to help that little dog shop!!

Woofs and Kisses!

Sam said...

That little guy looks like he did like a pill bug (do you have those where you live?) and curled up into a safe little ball...

Good for you for showing him that you're brave!

Jazzi said...

WOW~~~your shoppin is done YIPPEE!! get it all wrapped up. MAke sure you snoopervise the operation good ok?


Frankie Furter said...

Hi Sam, YES we DO have Pill Bugs. They even come into Jennifer's Garage. I think they are funny.

I do have 3 Kong balls butt they aren't tennis type. I have a few balls that squeeeek. The bestest one is my red white and blue Basketball. Butt it is NOT Big like a REAL two legger basketball. My mom's furend hates it when he calls her and I try to SHARE the grrreat sound. hehehe It is one of my favorite tricks. hehehehehehehhehhe
I admit that I can be a bit of a butt scooter sometimes. hehehe

Anonymous said...

I agree that $10 wasn't enough. I'll bet nearly everyone went over. Oh well... tis the season & all that.

Dory and the Mama said...

WOWOW...Mama says forget me, get her that little Lhasa Poo....


Sorry Bilbo...I am sure that Frankie is soooo not getting the puppy..

Thanks for all your hard work Frankie, I can't WAIT to get my pressies!!!

Growlie Smileys!

Sargeant said...

Hey to all of Frankie's friends out there...please see my editorial comments on his Thursday post. Boy, did I have a mouthful for him...what a whiner dog!

Sargeant said...


Hey, Frankie: Bad Dog! Bad Dog!

You noticed that I didn't buy you any presents at the store! There just might be a reason for that. Don't hold your breath for a Christmas pressie from'll pass out! Sarge is right, you whiner dog! I didn't know you had it in you.
Sarge's Mom, and reluctantly admitted sister of Frankie.

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Did I stumble into Dr Phil's blog?


Lorenza said...

Hi, Frankie!
I'd go crazy if I had a store like that here!
I've told you... Bilbo is going to love your presents!
Sure you were very nice with that little doggie!
Kisses and hugs

Wild Dingo said...

Frankie! so nice of you to show a new pup the ropes, especially since he was newly finding his furever home! He probalby feels lots better.

I would love for you to be my personal shopper! I havea a bazzillion monopoly dollars that we can spend. but maybe the stores don't like those dollars. who knows why...

wild dingo