Thursday, December 3, 2009

Shopping for Bilbo on Black Friday

This is ME Frankie Furter. I was looking at some really grrreat stuff here. I wanted to buy it ALL for Bilbo. Nope. Couldn't do that... Cat Crap Lori wouldn't let me. I always forget that Blogger puts the pics in the REVERSE order of what I want them to be. This is ME Frankie TRYING to tell Lori that she was SUPPOSED to be following MY example. She is about as dumb as a dead squirrel most of the time.
This is the WORST!!! Lori thinks she is sooooo smart. She whipped out a stinkin' cat crap CALCULATOR.... and said... "Frankie, you have to shop so that you stay within the $10.00 limit. What a spoil sporting butt scooter. Mom never makes me do that fart butt stuff. I just REFUSED to look at it. That showed HER.

This is ME Frankie taking my sister Lori into the store. She doesn't even know where anything is. Heck, when I go in the door they always say, "Hi Frankie, how ya' doing." They didn't even "speak" to Lori. I think that may be beclaws they just knew what she was like.

This is ME Frankie Furter taking Lori to the front of the store. "Come on. I know you can move faster than this... even though you DO only have two legs."

My trip to PetSmart certainly could have been better. My sister Lori who thinks she is soooooo very much Ach OO Tee H O T stuff beclaws she's older and taller. She tried to be the big shot bossy boss. I showed her what I think of her Cat Crap ideas.
She is NEVER going shopping at M Y store with me again. I would rather stop down the road and get Jim the Grinch Guy to go with me.


sadermaxx said...

Hi Frankie!

We go to Petsmart alot to, although Sadie thinks its funny to take a duke in every pet store we go to.
Needless to say we know were all the clean up stations are.

Dory and the Mama said...

Wow Frankie!!! I will make sure Bilbo sees what a good job you did shopping for him!!!

We also went to the SAME STORE as you and Tank!!! But Mama didn't bring her flashy box....we hope she remembers to take pictures of us mailing the packages to Jack and Dexter!!!


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I have one of them too!

It is about five minutes away as The Xterra drives!

Tank woo fur sharing your Bilbo-Adventure!


Wild Dingo said...

OM Dawgs Frankie, you need to hire a new shopping assistant! She will NOT do. $10 is like 1 zuke. Does she like, live on Mars, where there are only Cats or somethin?
wild dingo

Sam said...

Well, I hope you bought SOMETHING while there - I know I can't ever go without walking out with something...

Lorenza said...

Hi, Frankie!
I am sure you chose pawesome presents for Bilbo!
My dream is that one day I will have a pet store here!
Kisses and hugs

Anonymous said...

Too bad about your dumb as a dead squirrel sister... you crack me up Frankie. Dogs keep saying I should have bought that giant bone for Dory... even SHE said she wanted the giant bone! I know for a fact that she couldn't even get her mouth around that thing. It was HUGE. Looked like a dinasaur bone or something. So did you have any better luck than I did at PetSmart?

Mango said...

Shopping is most perplexing. So many things to choose from (and they cost many dollars). I can't wait for the big exchange. I need to get going on boxing up my gifts.


The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

hahaha! That is funny that you said "the WORST!!!!!!" we did an entire post on that expression a while back-hehehe!!

that was really funny about Lori but she seems to be having lots of fun, c'mon Frankie, cut her some slack ;-) you are right that is so annoying that blogger puts everything backwards. we always have to write our posts out on paper just so that we can enter them properly in reverse--grrrrr

Sargeant said...

Hey, can anyone out there say "WWWHHHIIIINNNEEEERRR"??? Is he a weiner dog or a whiner dog?

What a crybaby you are, Frankie. Have some of your beloved dairy product cheese with that whine!

To all of Frankie's doggie bloggie friends...everyone say "poor Frankie" and go "awwwwww" for him. My Mom bought me things at the Pet shop and I think she did great. He's mad because she didn't get him anything. As for the PC use issue: Well, I know for a fact that Mr. Furter sleeps most of the day and couldn't use the Yapstop that much anyway! What a big faker. I think you guys are all a lot of fun and certainly were worth the time on the Yapstop. Just wait til Spring...I'll have some fun in store for you next time. I'll ask some of my raccoon, cougar, bear, bobcat, friends and especially my porcupine friends to be on the lookout for a small, twongy, black runt! I just don't believe that Mom and I deserve this kind of abuse...well, I suppose I do, but she doesn't. Ha.