Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tinkerbell & Rounder Case Closed

F. Oscar Dachshund Detective Agency

Private Insniffigator

Case: Tink and Rounder Case notes Cont.

Tinkerbell lead me to his home. It was a nice place. There was a special door that he and the other two could use to let themselves in and out. I liked that.
I got acquainted with Tucker and this other Oscar, we did this in the usual canine manner, of course. I listened to their ideas about what had happened to Rounder. They were both interested in where he might have gotten to, but nowhere near as upset as Tink. I then asked them all to go outside and relax while I set to work. There is nothing worse than having a client’s nose stuck up, well you know what I’m getting at.

I had a good description of Rounder and started my insniffigation. I was surprised that no humans were in any of the rooms. It made for easier detecting though. I could smell where Rounder had been, but they were old scent trails. He seemed to have had free run of the house. Even in the people potty room. Of course, Oscar, Tucker, and Tinkerbell had been in all those places, too.

I was just coming out of the last bedroom when I heard wild barking and then a terrible noise that I did not recognize. I was scared out of my collar there for a minute. Then I realized it was just the people coming home. I was still a little worried even though my client and his friends seemed really happy to have their people in the house. There was a lot of barking and greeting and the rustling if shopping bags. l It must have been grocery day. The lady handed all three dogs a snack and they raced toward their special door. There was some rough pushing and shoving and a bit of growling as they shoved their way outside with their snacks.

I had been sitting quietly in the corner of the kitchen, watching the humans as they brought in dozens of bags of food and I don’t even know what all else. They were so busy that they had no idea that they were under surveillance by a famous Dachshund Detective. That was exactly what I wanted. To be able to watch them and see if they showed any signs of being the type who would commit a cruel act. Handing out treats was no guarantee of a kind heart. A good insniffigator has to be quiet and patient. You learn a lot that way.

It didn’t take long for me to detect a scent that I recognized. I couldn’t see Rounder but I knew he was very close by. All of the hustle and bustle of putting things away had stirred up his fresh scent. Yes, fresh and close by. He was near but way too high up for me to be able to see him. I held my ground.

“Honey, did you put Tink’s ball on the window ledge?”, the man asked.
“Oh, good grief he must be going crazy looking for that stupid ball. He brought it in all muddy so I washed it and then put it up there to dry.” The lady dropped Rounder on the floor. He made a weak bounce and rolled wobbly toward the dining room table. I went tippy paw tippy paw after him. Before he fully stopped rolling, I picked him up. I used my very softest mouth so I would not hurt him. Old balls do sometimes get popped accidently. I quietly raced for the very much grreat door and went out to find Tinkerbell.

Tinkerbell was just finishing the crumbs from his snack when I dropped Rounder in front of him. I can’t tell you how happy he was to have his best friend back.

I made my way back to my home. My ‘cliner chair was calling me.

Case closed. F. Oscar Dachshund Detective


Life With Dogs said...

Top work Mr. F. Oscar ;) What is your next case?

Frankie Furter said...

Hi LWD I don't know. I just kick back in my 'cliner and wait for clients to come in. Sort of like my mom's fav. dect. SPENCER.
She wants me to have a character like his Hawk. he he he
If you know of a possible client... send 'em my way.
the animal shelters all need donations.