Friday, May 1, 2009

Case of the missing Friend

Photo enhanced by Barney's Mum. Thank you Barb!!!!

F. Oscar Dacshund Dective Agency
Private Insniffigator

May 1, 2009
Client: Tinkerbell (A.K.A. Tink)
Lost Old Friend

Tinkerbell knew where he had left his best friend. His favorite playmate could always be found near the big couch. When Rounder wasn’t in front or beside the blue couch, Tink looked under it. Rounder wasn’t there. Tinkerbell couldn’t see him or smell him. Rounder had simply vanished. Tink needed help. He had heard about the famous insniffigator, F. Oscar who had his own detective agency. Tinkerbell had even seen Oscar’s advertisements. He looked very intelligent, if a bit small for that type of work. Tinkerbell knew that Oscar demanded a partial donation to an animal shelter just to take a quick whiff into any case. Tink was willing to pay that and any other fee the Dachshund Detective would charge. He had to get his buddy back, nothing else mattered.
I was relaxing, napping actually, in my ‘cliner chair when I heard the banging on the door. I barked at mom to open it. She is used to letting my clients in.
I didn’t recognize the guy, butt I instantly felt sorry for him. I tried to focus my attention on the pink splot that occupied a large part of his otherwise black nose. I knew he was miserable. His ears were down and his eyes were sad.
“I hear you’re good at finding. My friend is missing. I haven’t seen him since Rounder since yesterday. I’m worried that someone may have popped him or something. I have plastic. I can make donations to the shelter. I just need my buddy back safe and sound.” With that he plopped down on my lumpy sofa and whined.
I got out of my ‘cliner chair and walked to my YapStop computer. I run a modern detective agency even though I use age old skills to assist my clients.
“Okay, let’s start over. I’m Oscar. And you are?” My paws were poised over the keyboard ready to take notes.
“My name is Tinkerbell and my missing friend is Rounder. Rounder has never gone missing before. I always know where he is. I looked in all of his usual places. He’s nowhere to be found. He is kind of old and I am really worried. I don’t think he should be out on his own. He just doesn’t have the bounce he used to have.”
“Okay, Tink. I am going to need for you to give me a full description of Rounder. Things like size and color and what he smells like. Where does he usually hang out? Are there others that live with you? How do they get along with Rounder? Is there anyone who you suspect might want to pop your friend?”
“He has no enemies. Everyone loves Rounder. We all play with him and he loves it. We have two people who take care of us. Then there is Tucker and Hot Dog. They are much smaller than I am. Kind of like you actually. Tucker has long hair and Hot Dog, well he is a dachshund. Not a detective though. I need a real detective to get Rounder back. Please say you will find him.”
“Alright Tinkerbell, I’ll take your case. My standard fee is a five pound bag of food, plus more to cover any expenses. To be delivered to your local animal shelter when I close your case.”


Nibbles Treats said...

We're hooked! Thanks for using us as inspiration. Totally cool!

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Frankie Furter said...

Glad you three like it.
I just hate the fact that the blog doesn't show the paragraphs where I put them when I write it in word. Poopy Doopy on that.
Did you like my grrreat detective hat that my mate Barney's mum made for me. He sent it all the way here to me from Australia.
How are your Cincinnati Reds doing? Our Indians are... well it is kind of sad. We were beaten up by a bunch of stinky sox.
My mom was down in Hamilton for a few days. She liked it. Nice People there.