Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Safety First

Someone asked about how safe it is for them to post a comment on my blog. They were afraid that they might get a virus or some spam stuff. First let me tell you about Spam. The kind that comes in a can and that the eat tons of in Hawaii, is not very much good stuff. I tried it once and it is pretty yucky stuff. That is not the same kind of spam that you get on a computer. It is pretty yucky, too.
When I said that I wanted a blog of my very much own, my mom started asking lots and lots of questions and looking up things on HER OLD POOPIE COMPUTER. She would not let me have a blog until she could find one that was pretty safe for my and for the people that might read it.
That is why there are those funny squiggly letters that you have to type in to make a comment. Those things can not be read by spammers. I don't understand how this all works, I just know that mom says it is the best protection system that she could find.

She would not let me have a thingy on Facebook and she says I can't do the Twitter thing (yet) either.
So, this was the blog host that mom said protects you and me. At least as much as anything on the internet can be protected.
Whenever you see those funny looking letters that you have to type in, it is an OKAY thing to do. I love to have comments to answer.

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