Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Good Deeds

I have been trying to think about positive things in this troubled time. In the last few days there have been two very good stories on the Columbus news about people who have done very much brave things.
A taxi driver saw a house on fire and he helped save the people inside. Then a few days later two people were delivering ads bags to a neighborhood they had never been in before, and they saw a house on fire. Once again complete strangers jumped in and did the right thing. They saved everyone in that house.
So, I am thinking that no matter how bad things get, people can do good things. There is hope for all of us. Gee, I feel better just knowing that there really are GRRRRReat people in the world. Don't you???
P.S. Maybe this means that there is still some hope for that Jim the Grinch Guy. he he he


Appalachian Woman said...

Dear Frankie,

As Founder of the Y City Writer's Forum I would like to officially thank you for coming to our meetings. I know that this is not easy for you and you should know that we appreciate your presence.

Your writing adds something very special to our group. You are always light hearted and laid back.
And we also very much appreciate that you bring your Mom with you! We like her an awful lot too!

Someday soon you will meet my Assist Dog Loki Strong Heart. He is learning how to help me walk and to get up when I fall down and get out of chairs. He can also help carry the laundry and groceries and pick up my crutches for me.

But most importantly for you - he loves little pals! He is at least 30 inches tall and 160 pounds, St Bernard - and he loves to play with little buddies - he is very gentle!

I love him, like your Mom loves you! And I also love his sister Ming Fou and their 8 kitty relatives - oh, yeah, and the fish.
So, know that you are always welcome, and always come with your Mommy and hopefully someday you can meet Loki at Writer's Group.

Officially and Happily,
One of your Writing Friends,
Mrs. Traci K. Couch

lady jicky said...

Hi frankie. Mum has not been well so I have not had the puter on.

Yes, there are good people still out there!
Went to puppy class the other day and boy it was fun. I did not do too good at the obedience but I sure loved the part when all us pups got to do a "let them all play together and interact" part! I really slept that night!
See ya!,

Frankie Furter said...

Hi Ms. Traci, I like to have my things read at your group meetings. Everyone there makes me feel very much welcome and wanted. I would love to meet Loki. He must be a very much special dog to be an Assist Dog. Mom had told me about all of the school time he has had. I know about that stuff. It is hard for us to learn all the things, but once we do... Wow. I know that Loki will make your life so much easier. He will love it. I could never carry the heavy things that he does. I think this is one of the times when BIGGER is BETTER. I like to sniff fish when my dad catches them. Do Loki and Ming Fou do that to your fish?

Frankie Furter said...

Hey Kenzo, My mom told me that you might not be on the puter because it is just so very hot for you. I am really sorry to hear that it was because your mum was sick. I hope she is better now and that you helped her to get that way.
Gee, you and Loki are both in school. I am kind of green with jealousy. I know you had hard stuff to learn, but it is all worth it when you get that recess time to play with your school mates. Right? You do have to learn to be a good citizen, just not all at once. he he he
Mom and I saw some of the memorial service that your nation had for the people who died in the fires. Let's hope and pray that no one else loses their lives. Mom said to tell you and your parents how sorry we are for all Australians.
My Mate Barney told me that it had cooled down a tiny bit where he lives. His mum is putting ice cubes in his water. She is very much good to him.
It made my tail wag to see your comment. Licks and Wags

Frankie Furter said...

Ms. Traci, I am shocked. I had my mom show me what that 30 inches is like. Then she told me that Loki would weigh as much as my dad.
I don't know about this. That is a giant giant dog. I think I would be very much afraid.
I'll bet his poops are bigger than I. YIKES

Henry the Dog said...

Frankie - I think the media should concentrate more on the good things instead of reporting only the bad. It can't all be bad out there otherwise the world wouldn't keep turning. All the folk I know are lovely people who do lots of good, where do their good deeds get reported? They don't. Blogging is a great way of spreading good news and we need to do it more often. xx

Frankie Furter said...

Henry I am so glad that you are home again. I am going to pop to your blog and see how you are doing. I think you and I are onto something here. Let's keep talking about the good stuff. Well, except for Jim the Grinch guy updates. Sadly, those are never good. he he he