Thursday, February 26, 2009

I had to babysit last night

Mom went to some kind of meeting last night. It was not something that I had to go to, so I had to babysit my dad. It is a very much hard job for me because he can be quite difficult at times. When mom isn't here dad takes full advantage of the lack of supervision to get into things that he is NEVER allowed to be near when she is here. Stuff like getting out two kinds of lunchmeat and opening them both up and making huge big sandwiches dispite the fact that it is very much bad for him to have all of that at once. Of course he gets in trouble when mom sees what he had done.

To prevent that sort of bad scene, it became my job to help him out a bit. It is a hard job but someone has to be the responsible one. So, when dad opened a brand new pack of bologna last night, It fell on me to help him get rid of the evidence.

Like I said dad can be kind of tricky. I should have known there was something wrong when he offered to give me $5.00 more than mom had already paid me for babysitting. Can anyone explain what "hush money" means? I might have looked it up in the dictionary, except my tummy was so full that it hurt.

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Frankie Furter said...

Kenzo my mate, do not even kid around about becoming a fur hat. That is a horrid scary thought for me. Licks and Wags F.F.