Friday, February 27, 2009

Lucky the dog.

I nearly fainted when I heard
this story. You are very much not going to believe this one. It was on the news yesterday that some very very mean people in Arizona THREW THEIR DOG OUT OF THEIR CAR. What were they thinking? Fortunately there were some good people who saw it happen. They stopped and got the poor pup and took him to a vet. He had a lot of broken bones and he had not been well fed. The people at the vet's office named the dog Lucky. I think that must be because he is lucky to be away from those awful people who did not take good care of him. There were pictures of Lucky. He was still limping, but will be able to live a good life and be able to make some people very happy when he finds a GOOD family to live with.
There is no excuse for someone to do such a horrible thing. It does not make any sense. If they couldn't take care of Lucky they should have taken him to an animal shelter. Why would they throw him out of a moving car? What would make anyone be so mean and stupid. If they ever get caught, I hope they get a terrible terrible punishment. Not just something like a fine or even going to jail. I hope they can't sleep at night. I hope that they constantly worry about dogs biting them at every possible chance. I hope they are ashamed and miserable. I hope that for the rest of their lives they have people pointing at them and shouting at them every time they go out. Bad people need to have bad things happen to them.

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Minnie-Moo (Rescue Lab) said...

Hello, we just found your blog.

Throwing a dog from a car is really horrible :-( Muzzle has heard of that happening in the UK too. She says there are lots of nice people in this world and some not so nice :-(

We are very glad that nice people were there when it happened so that they could help Lucky.