Monday, January 5, 2009

Look whay I did...

I made pictures come on my very own personal PRIVATE YapStop computer. And I did it without hardly any help from my mom. It had to be that way because I had her grounded from both computers for being a smarty mouth bragger. All I let mom do was put the CD in and out because I am not allowed to touch those things. Mom says I might scratch them, but I wouldn't.

This is a picture of my very own personal private PONTOON BOAT that is named The Lady L . I love the Lady L. She is on a big lake called Burr Oak Lake. She is my boat, but the lake belongs to everyone in Ohio. But mostly I think it is my very own. I like to boss everyone around there. The rangers and nice ladies in the office all call me Frankie, but do not even know my mom or dad's names. I think that is very much funny. Mom says, "Frankie has his people."

I miss my boat and the nice warm weather. Now that I can see pictures of things I like I will feel better. I'll think of Spring and Summer. I can put up a different one for you every day. Yea!!!! Big fun for a Dachshund.

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