Sunday, January 4, 2009

People in a cabinet?

You people never fail to make me very much surprised. Yesterday I found out that our new president has cabinet people.

My mom never lets me in her cabinets. Why would anyone want to be in a cabinet. They are not big, they are all full of stuff like pots and pans and empty butter and cottage cheese tubs. That is not the kind of place people should want to be.

I didn't even know it was legal to put people in cabinets. Do you suppose they get in there on their own? Maybe only presidents have enough power to make people live in cabinets.

Now my mom has actually surprised me. I have had to give her a one day email grounding. You won't believe what she did. She BRAGGED. I am not allowed to do that very much not nice thing. When she catches me, I get grounded so this is only fair.

Yesterday she was talking to one of her teacher friends and she was laughing and making a big old brag about not having to go back to school tomorrow morning. That is because she be tired last year.

I hope she learns her lesson. That is what she says about me when I get email grounded. It is not nice to laugh and brag at others.

Don't worry. I have learned how to get my YapStop going all by myself. I can even get on my blog by myself now. I just don't know how to make my picture come on it. I did make one very much big mess up when I tried it yesterday though. One is on here all blank. he he he

It will be very much fun for me to do email and blogs and my mom not even being able to look and say that it is not a very much nice thing to say. He He He Power to the Puppies !

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