Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I want to be in his CABINET, too

I have been listening and learning about this business of being a cabinet member. Mom says they are supposed to be very smart and have had lots and lots of education. Well, I am smart and I have graduated from my school. I want to do this cabinet thing.

Remember that I was a very strong supporter of Obama. Of course, it started because I thought his name was Bark O'Momma. I finally got that right though, and by then I was sure he was the man for the job.

Now I am convinced that I, Frankie Furter Price, am the right dog for a cabinet job. I would make a GRRRRRReat secretary of ANIMAL CARE AND PROTECTION. I would work very much hard to improve the lives of all animals in our grrreat country. I want to make people take good care of all animals. I would work to stop people from doing mean things to animals. I want to have birth control made easy for people to get for their animals. I would make everyone aware that they should be donating to animal shelters.

I would make a grrrrreat Secretary of ANIMAL CARE AND PROTECTION. I would have lots of meetings and make everyone aware that all animals feel things just like people do. We need to be warm in winter, cool in summer (70 degrees is just perfect for Dachshunds), and that we have good health care, and plenty of food and water. Animals should be protected from being hurt in any way.

I sure hope that Bark O'Momma selects me for his cabinet. I am smart and I keep my promises, like my New Year's resolution. I have eaten every bite of my wet food every day so far this year. I don't want to waste food when somewhere there are hungry puppies.

When Pres. Elect Obama, chooses me, he will have to send me an email about it. That is because I am not allowed to use the phone any more. Not since, the incident.


Dachshund lover said...

Hey Frankie, I think you would be a very much good cabinet secretary. I know you wouldn't have any skeletons in your closet. Perhaps a few well gnawed bones, but those wouldn't cause any problems.
You would knock their socks off in Washington. I can see your meetings now. No donuts... just all you can eat CHEESE platters.

Frankie Furter said...

Thanks D.l., I am just waiting for HIM to email me.

Did you know that Cabinet People make Big Bucks? And their mom's don't even have to fix the cheese trays, cause there is a big budget and it pays for stuff. I even think that I would get to boss people around. Just none of that bragging smarty mouth stuff, though.

I want this job. Money and Cheese. Cheese and Money.

Rita's Write said...

When you become part of this cabinet thingy, can you try to find a cure for doggy cancer too? -Molly

Frankie Furter said...

I will do my best, if I get to be in the Obama cabinet. I know that cancer if a very much bad thing and everyone wants a cure for every kind of that awful stuff there is. Until then we can only think really strong positive thoughts.