Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I just do not understand this one at all

Okay, now I am going to go on a rant. Do you see me here? I am on my pontoon boat. Do you see that I am wearing my life jacket???? Who do you think bought it for me? Who put it on me? Who is supposed to take care of the ones they love? PARENTS !!!
I assume you would agree that fur children and human children should be taken care of by their parents. Right? So, maybe you can explain this situation to me.
Last summer in Kentucky, a High School football team was practicing on a very hot day. One student got way too hot and the poor boy ended up dead, as a result. I feel very much bad about that. I am sure everyone does. BUT...
His parents are now suing the coach. I do not understand this at all. If ANYONE should be sued... it should be the boy's parents!!!! Are you ready for this... they were there... sitting in the bleachers watching their son. They knew it was very much hot. They should have known their OWN SON and what he could or could not stand. THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE PROTECTING HIM. NO ! They did not call to him, and tell him they were taking him home. NO, they did not go out on the field and take him cool water to drink. They sat on their STUPID LAZY (ASSES) and let him become overheated and die.
We sue PARENTS who leave their babies in hot cars to die. Not the car maker.
This is a crazy crazy case. I hope it gets thrown out of court and the parents arrested for not caring for THEIR OWN CHILD. I don't suppose it will happen. It sure as heck should though. My mom and dad take super duper care of me. I have rules to follow shots to take, because it is for my safety. They take care of me because ... they love me and mom says she wants me to be safe, even when I don't understand her actions.
This is very much upsetting to me. How can the coach be made responsible for stupid crazy parenting. He offered the practice. He could not force that boy to stay on the hot field. Those were High School students..........they were NOT PRISONERS. They were minors, underage CHILDREN. Those PARENTS should have taken care of THEIR CHILD. PERIOD.
I am really glad that I have the parents that I have.


lady jicky said...

This is very difficult Frankie and I shall tell you why.
I have heart/lung disease, it was finally diagnosed when I was 16 . So -- I had to do sport. It nearly killed me and my sport teacher gave me such a hard time "You NEED to do sport!" because I was so slow and puffing for breath. I wished I could have sued her for she was so nasty. When I was finally diagnosed - and not "lazy" anymore. I could do no sport at school and you know, that teacher NEVER came near me or appologized. It was in the early 70's and people never sued back then. Don't forget the student would not want to stop as his mates would think he "whimped it" so he would go on - just like I had to and I was so close to his situation. I must have had some lucky angel looking over me.

Frankie Furter said...

Lady Jicky, I know exactly where you are coming from with this issue. So does my mom. A lady who she taught school across the hall from had a son who came home from ball practice one hot day in August 1998. He got as far as his front porch. Sat down in a chair beside his best friend and said, " I just don't feel." That was his last word.
Mom actually hates all sports in schools. It comes before academics, at least in the U.S..
It is just that, in this case... the parents should have taken responsibility for their own child. They sat and watched and did not complain about the excessive heat... or the coach's refusal to let the boys take a water break. They just sat there and let this awful thing happen. Mom thinks they are to blame for not taking care of their child.
I heard the news today, when I was listening to see how deep the snow would get, and now the people in that Kentucky town are FINALLY beginning to complain that the parents ALLOWED their CHILD to be put in a very dangerous situation.
If you had been in this country in the early 70's... you would have been pushed and embarrassed just as you were in your country. When did PLAYING GAMES become so important in SCHOOLS?
My mom hopes that this bad economy will cause schools to drop all physical ed. classes. Put those "teachers" in the classrooms and TEACH CHILDREN TO READ AND ADD. OOOPs, Mom's influence is showing again. Sorry. he he he
Sad state of affairs. Right.
This little dachshund is certainly glad that you had that lucky angel looking after you.

lady jicky said...

OMG Frankie - its the same here with sports at schools too. Noone knew what was wrong with me when I was young. Not even my local doctors at the centre. It was me insisting as a teenager that all my girlfriends don't go blue inthe cold and so - I got sent to the hospital and it was found out.
I have to add - the sport stars can do anything and people forgive them - drink driving , fighting etc - same your way I bet!

Henry the Dog said...

My mum is with your mum too on this one Frankie, whilst also taking on what Lady Jicky says. But, in this instance I truly don't think it mirrors Lady Jicky's. It must have been awful to be made to do sport with such a problem but in this case it doesn't say if the child involved didn't had a condition. Mum and me detest the 'compensation culture'. Sadly, it was truly spawned in the US and has taken over the UK too. It has stopped so many fun activities, like pony trekking.