Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I don't know if I can do this or not...

I am going to pre-post this. We are getting some very much dangerous weather. I don't know if we will even have electric tomorrow. If we get all the ice that is predicted the electric lines may come down. I hope not. Winter time is not good for little dachshunds. We are 70 degree dogs. If it is 69 it is too cold and if it is 71... too hot. he he he

There were many many schools that were cancelled today in our area. I am very much sure they will be cancelled for tomorrow (Wednesday) also. In fact, my mom thinks there will be no school the rest of the week.

I do NOT like this. That is all I can say about this situation.


lady jicky said...

We are the opposite Frankie!
Today its going to be 109f!!! Workmen have gone home and schools are not open yet because of the heat.
I am on my cool wet/damp towel with the air con.
Frankie mate - you keep warm and I shall try to keep cool!
Opposites attract so they say! he, he,

Frankie Furter said...

You know what. mum's friend Barb never said that your schools get closed because of the heat. That is interesting. You are right our worlds are opposit and yet we seem to have so much in common.
Well, except for that Vegemite stuff. It is still in mom's fridge. And as far as I am concerned... it can just stay there. DO YOU LIKE IT??? Barb says she hates it. That makes her a very much unusual Aussie, she says. She also says that WE talk funny. he he he