Thursday, January 29, 2009

Beautiful stuff but... ouch.

I just hate winter. It was soooo slippery this morning that I fell down. I could not make it up my ramp to the porch. I got very much scared. It is good that my dad is brave. He went out in all that dangerous ice stuff and RESCUED ME. See what I meant yesterday. Good parents take care of their kids, even if it puts them in danger.

I have some neat new snow and ice pictures to show you... First is a Cardinal in an ice coated tree that is over my favorite bird feeding station. The next picture shows me late today... after the 1 inch of ice got covered over with 3 more inches of snow.
My world is an ICE SANDWICH TODAY. We had about 3 inches of snow, then that awful slippery ice that I already told you about, followed by 3 more inches of snow. The weight of the ice makes the bottom layer of snow compact down. As you can see, once the ice was covered up I COULD RUN LIKE THE WIND!!! My mom says I look very much cute with my ears flapping and hair flying. he he he

I could not leave a comment on Henry's blog. I wanted to talk with him about one of our favorite subjects.... poo. I also wanted to tell him that I loved his video clip. Darn it. I just don't know why things don't always work right. They should, you know. I hope his mum stops by here and sees that I was soooo impressed with his list of daily activities. I am a bit worried about him though. I noticed a pee time but what about pooping? That is very much important, you know. he he he he he I like doing it as much as finding it, but not as much as sniffing or e..... it. he he he
Yep, it certainly is a doglet thing. I am glad humans don't indulge. It keeps out the riff raff, eh Henry.


Henry the Dog said...

Hi Frankie. I don't know why my blog is difficult to get into. Things are happening on my computer so that I can't see some photos anymore, but my computer is nothing to do with my blogsite - that's hosted elsewhere. I don't like snow and ice much either, the snow 'balls' on my fur and it's uncomfortable. I do love to poo! Except I was doing too much of it after eating that old, dead thing. I'm ok now. xxx

Frankie Furter said...

That's right Henry, too much of ANY good thing is never a grrrreat idea. he he he
After my "operation" those nasty ice balls are the only ones I ever have. I don't like them at all.

lady jicky said...

Oh Frankie - send some of that snow down to us. Power is being cut off as too many people are using their air cons. So far we still have been OK power wise. I am on my damp towel.
Its Friday and its going to be another 106f !!!
Kenzo !!!!

Frankie Furter said...

Hi Lady J. & little Kenzo. Hot dog, hummm we use that as another name for weiners, and people often call DACHSHUNDS... weiner dogs.
Since you are a hot dog today I think it makes sense to make you an honorary DACHSHUND. I really like that, Kenzo, my dachshund mate. Wag Wag Wag Wiggle.
I am soooo very much sorry that you are suffering from that awful heat. I know that causes you to need to drink a lot, which causes you to pee a lot. I hope you are taking advantage of that, and practicing your... this is where we do that... lessons.
I wish I could send you a huge big box of snow and ice to roll on. It would surely melt away fast though, wouldn't it.