Monday, January 26, 2009

EXCITING !!! 2nd. post for today !

We are supposed to get another nasty snow and ice storm soooo, I made a very much big beg to my mom and dad. I begged them to take me to the store where they buy bird seed (they needed more of that,too) so that I could buy my new DONATION FOOD for the animal shelter. I was able to get 50# of food to give to them. WOW !!! DO I EVER FEEL GOOD ABOUT THIS. Mom trusts me enough to do this early, for my New Year's Resolution promise. I will eat all my food so that I keep my word.

Oh, my that shelter place is really a scary sad place. I wish I could do more for them. The man was very much nice to me and he said THANK YOU. I know he meant that. He had a smile on his face. I just WISH that mom had taken her camera. I would have loved to show you a picture of me doing this VERY MUCH GOOD THING!!!
I am already thinking about delivering my NEXT DONATION !!!!!

Now that my birds have plenty of food, and the dogs in the shelter have food for several days.... I won't care so much if we get bad weather. I am such a very much lucky little dachshund, don't you think?


Dachshund lover said...

Oh Frankie, I am so very proud of you. That is a lot of food and will make some unfortunate dogs feel much better. I am inspired by your commitment and generosity. I will match your donation. On Friday, I will buy 50# of dog food and deliver it to my dog shelter.

I think you are sure to get that Cabinet position. I can think of no one more dedicated to become the Secretary of Animal Care and Protection.

I hope that other of your readers will follow us to shelters, loaded down with food for the less fortunate. Bless you Frankie.

Frankie Furter said...

WOWIE WOW WOW !!! I am not alone. Someone has joined me in helping those poor things. Thank you very much, Dachshund lover. My heart is really happy!!! You are wonderful. I don't know where you are, but I am sending you a VERY MUCH BIG lick and wag.
I feel Grrrrrrrreat right now.

lady jicky said...

I have some food that Kenzo will nto eat so I am going to give it to the RSPCA when we are going that way.
Now - you have cold weather but we are about to start a 5 day Heatwave ! Every day is going to be over 100f and NO RAIN! We really need the rain Frankie! Our dams here are a so low.

Frankie Furter said...

Kenzo & Lady Jicky, how wonderful. You are going to help the less fortunate, also. I am so very much proud of you. Starting so very young, to give of yourself. Wow! Your mum must be bursting with pride. I'll bet you just pretended you didn't like it, so you would be able to make the much needed donation to RSPCA.

Our Aussie friend talked again, about how very dry your country has been,the day we shared the LAMB dinner. Her area (Manilla & Tamworth) had actually gotten some rain back in November. It was the most they had gotten in over 10 years. She said that kids had to take their own water to school. All the fountains have been shut down.

You and I are sharing sharp differences in weather. You are hot and parched, we are frigid and about to be hit with 6 to 10 inches of rain with freezing rain sandwiched in. The ice is what scares us most. It causes trees to fall and cut power lines, and driving... well, we just can't.
I guess I don't have to ask where that GLOBAL WARMING WENT. You have it all. Sorry.
Thank you so much for joining me in my campaign to feed hungry fur folks. I am sending you my very much best licks and wags. F.F.
Come on everyone, join little Kenzo and me!!!! DONATE !!!