Friday, December 5, 2008

I am almost a star.

Tonight is my big night. I will be in the play called THE CHRISTMAS LEGACY. My name in the play is FRANKLIN DELANO DAWG. This is my Play mommy and Play little girl. Their real names are Bonnie and Karli. They are both very much nice to me. I like being in the play, but I did not want to do that rehersal last night. It was called a DRESS rehersal. I thought I would have to wear a stinking old dress. I didn't want to wear a dress. But it turned out that it really meant that I had to dress up in all three of my costumes. I have my yellow one on for this part. I also have a blue one. The one I like the best is my TUXEDO !!! My mom put sparkly gold trim on it. I look GRRRRREAT!!!!

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Barb said...

Hello Frankie
I know that you are going to do a great job, your yellow costume looks very nice, I am sorry that Barney could not write to you this morning, but he has left for his holiday already, the house is really empty without him, but I am sure he is having fun with his K9 family, He was in such a hurry to leave me yesterday , he did not even stop to say good bye.
Now if you hear someone say "Break a Leg" they do not realy want you to breadk, that is the way show business people talk, and all it means is GOOD LUCK I will see you soon.
Barney would also send his woofs and wags, if he was not too busy having a good time.