Saturday, December 6, 2008

I think I was a STAR

The play was so much fun. I liked it.
This picture is at the end when we are all on stage together. My Bonnie Mom is holding me up. I have on my blue costume.
Other members of the cast were singing, but not me. I don't do that stuff.
I did not forget one of my lines and I was ready on time.
Today my mom went to the store and bought even more stuff for my costumes. Now I am really really sparkly.


Rita's Write said...

I am proud of you, too! I flubbed a couple of my lines. Maybe day two will go better for me.

aka Hazel

Barb said...

congratulations, you are a star.
Even when you are not on the stage
I am sure that your Human Mom and Dad were very proud of you, I will save the photo to show Barney,
His Minding Mum rang me yesterday and said he is very happy and is having fun playing with the other dogs, but his doggie Mum is a really old lady now, so he just sits down beside her and keeps her company for a while.
I am sure Barney would want me to send you Huge Woofs and Wags , I will be able to deliver a big hug in person very soon.