Monday, September 8, 2014


TODAY   we are off to the Orchards to pick 87 Bazillion GRAPES   and will be making and canning our winter supply of Grape Juice...   So we will not be around today.     Sorry... and we will miss all of you.

We know this is Difficult to SEE butt it WAS dark....
      the other night... Dad went out onto the Front PORCH.... which is HIGH in the air.... like 5 steps up..high...    and he thought he saw somethingy...   MOVE...    so he got his flashing light thingy out and looked.... THERE in the Corner was a BIG TOAD...  

 In all the like 87 years that mom and dad have lived here... they have NEVER seen a toad   ON the porch...  
 WE stayed Way WAY far away... beclaws.... I (Frankie Furter) once LICKED a Toad... and I Foamed at the Mouth and Scared the POOPS outta MOM beclaws at furst she didn't know WHAT was going on.. Until she saw THAT toad.  
We don't KNOW how THIS on got so far up there... unless he went up OUR Ramp from the Safe to Pee after Dark Time Pen....   that takes us from the grass up to the Front Porch.
    It is a MYSTERY and the Toad was NOT tellin.


Julie said...

Toad licking...yucky!
That doesn't sound like fun.
Grape juice however, sound like great fun.
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Lassiter Chase and Benjamin said...

Toadly pawsome looking toad.

GOOSE said...

Yep been there, licked a Toad. Maybe that Toad has super jumping legs a leap up there in a sing hop. Have fun picking grapes, just don't eat any.

My Mind's Eye said...

Mom once told my sis you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince...I guess that applies to licking too. MOL
Mom will be stomping grapes in her mind for you all today!
Good luck
Hugs Madi your bfff

Linda said...

Maybe he's hiding from the tree rats.
I have No idea how a toad jumped on your porch.
Will your mom have purple feet when she gets home today?

xo Cinnamon

Cowspotdog said...

we have lots of toads around our place but we aren't interested in them

Unknown said...

OMD no toad licking for sure. Have a marvellous Monday.
Best wishes Molly

Scooter said...

Hey FnE!
Wow, it's toadal chaos on your porch! BOL He's a fabulous looking fellow and maybe he's related to the one hanging around my place. Good luck to your peeps with their grape big project today. BOL to Cinnamon for the purple feet comment! :)
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Pol Comm

Anonymous said...

uhoh! a toad! I was a carnivore "foamtain" once too and I got a pill and my dad a bill from the vet. butt guess what? the next day I met another toad... and I did it again! the toads are wandering around now to search a place for hibernation, we had one in my back yard too, butt mom was faster than me this time

Unknown said...

Uh, dudes....toads can jump pretty high so I am not surprised he was on your porch. We have those suckers everywhere down here. I stay far away because ours are poisonous to dogs. They freak Ma out when we walk at night because they jump around everywhere. Eek!
Happy canning...or juicing...or whatever.

Angels Amber and Max DaWeenie and Mom said...

UhOh..we gots them things all over the place here and Mom is always worried one of them might be that TOXIC TOAD thing. We always read about a dog in Florida who is either sick or crossed the Bridge after a TOXIC TOAD encounter. So....her scoops them up in a WallyWorld bag and walks them down the road and tells them never to come back again or she might not be so nice next time. BUTT, don't worry. She would NEVER hurt one. She just doesn't want them in OUR yard.

C.L.W.STEP said...

Yeah, those Toadstools-R-Us sales reps are quite persistent!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Yikes, that looks like the feral things released in OZ - the cane toad. Very poisonous. They were imported to control the snake population and - TYPICAL! - became a bigger problem than the thing they came to solve.

So definitely NO LICKIES BOYS!!!

Happy harvesting to you. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

Two French Bulldogs said...

That thing is ginormous. Have fun picking grapes. Sounds fun
Lily & Edward

animal lover, quilt lover said...

LOL, the toad will not tell u how he or she got up on your porch!!!!lol
We have them on our patio all the time!! no worries tho now-- the cats do not go out!!!

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Looks kind of ugly. Ah I don't think that you should lick it either. Put it in the neighbor's yard.

Little Miss Titch said...

eek that sounds yucky,xx Speedy

WFT Nobby said...

That is one adventurous toad, for sure.

The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

Oh my dog...what an adventure...We have never seen a toad before!!

Happy Graping!
Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

Murphy said...

We are sure that no good can come from toad licking!

Your Pals,

Murphy & Stanley
Mayorz For All Paws
POTP For Greta!!!

stellaroselong said...

Do NOT lick the toad and we wonders if your momma's feets will be stained purple??
stella rose

Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

He looks like a grumpy toad as well.

Have fun grape picking....I think you're picking.

Auf wieder sehen, Ernie, Ich liebe dich ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

I'm practising for the Oktoberfest.

Your, Roxy

sprinkles said...

Too bad y'all don't live closer. You could come pick my mom's grapes. She's got a ton and a half of them!

Good thing you stayed away from that toad this time. I wonder how my boys would react to it. I think Shiver would be scared of it, and Chico would probably bark at it.

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Sounds like a great title for a book :The Mystery of the Big Toad:)

Happy graping.

Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

Duke said...

How strange. We don't see many toads at our house either and yesterday, mom found a toad in the barn and removed it before we came outside and found it.
Have a great time making grape juice!

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

Murray's Mouth said...

We've had a toad friend on our patio a lot lately! Mom doesn't love it!

Kinley Westie said...

Cool! I's never seen a toad before.

♥Mona + Prissy + Angel Weenie♥ said...

Guess what happened Saturday night after the storm we had. A humongous toad hopped into the house when Mommy let us out to pee. The chase was on. Prissy cornered it and was trying to grab it when Mommy got the broom and chased it out of the house. It was pretty funny and Prissy wasn't happy with Mommy for
taking her prize away.


Ziggy Stardust said...

I hope your paws don't get too sore from picking all those grapes. Please don't lick the toad, cause ewwwwwww.

Love Sasha

Unknown said...

Do you think he could be Karma's LOVER!? The big daddy to all her toadlets??
Wally & Sammy

Uji, Angel Izzy, Ziggy, Angel Bean, Angel Hiro and Momma Tea said...

Wee neva seened a toad, wee gets da odd froggy n sometimes a slow worm butts neva a toad. Why does yoo foams ifs yoo licky dem ? Do all ovs dem makes yoo foam or it is jus certain wuns ?
Dere is so much wee learns from yor bloggy Frankie n Ernie.
MMMMM Momster says grapes juice is yummy so wee hopes yoo has oodles n oodles ovs grapes to make gallons n gallons ovs juice.
Da K Krew

Anonymous said...

Yikes! That toad is a hop, skip, and a jump from sleeping in your bed with you! I have never seen a toad, which is just as well. I would probably drop dead from fear. Mom, too.

Love and licks NO! Cancel that. No licks and no foaming.

The Oceanside Animals said...

hello frankie and ernie its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm so that is ware mr toad ended up after his wild ride i hav always wunderd!!! ok bye