Saturday, November 2, 2013

FALL BACK tonight....

FURST.....   I have EXCITING NEWS.... Da Kresty Krew    did a Random DRAWING fur a WINNER of the      BOBBING fur Tube Steak/Apples/Snacks   Howl O Ween  event...    and you will NEVER believe who WON....    please go       HERE      to find out...        and don't furget to THANK little Miss Missi   fur hosting this BY HERSELF... it was her Furst EVER to do that.

Don't FURGET  that MOST of us need to Set our CLOCKS BACK one HOUR tonight...     OH that extra hour of sleep will be soooooooo Nice.

Now are you ready fur somethingy FUNNY?  

We have this CRAZY Mockingbird that has not flown South fur the winter yet... beclaws he wants to take his "FRIEND" with him...  
    Now it has been VERY MUCH DIFFICULT to get a picture of him.... he hangs out on the Hand rail for or DECK....    and he is IN LOVE with HIS REFLECTION in the SunPorch WINDOWS...      He flies away when mom goes out there with the flashy beast.....    SO she had to use the ZOOMerang thingy and take the pictures from INSIDE the dining room and OUT through BOTH sets of windows...      
    HEY you can see some of our Yellow Leaves.... that are NOW totally GONE due to the awful WINDSTORM that stole Sw. Wm's Powers and  did LOTS of damage in our state.     THOSE trees are what we call our THICKET... which is were we have ONE of our Brush Piles... butt I digress.

 THIS one is a bit more Clear.....   SEE the POOPS he makes on the rail???
 LOOK....  she got an ACTION SHOT... of MOCKIE  Spreading his wings and getting ready to THROW himself into the GLASS...     The FURST day he started doing this INSANE thingy, MOM thought it was somebuddy KNOCKING on the Sunporch Door... so she Kept getting up and going to see who was there... butt she won't see anyBUDDY...  and it was a BLAST to watch and LISTEN to her... after a while she was Spittin out HBO words like CRAZY.       It took about 87 HOURS fur her to FINALLY CATCH  MOCKIE in the act and make the connection between the MYSTERY KNOCKING and HIS  CRASHING the WINDOW..    
 Here he is... getting ready to STRIKE Again...       the poor guy just wants his "BUDDY" to get headed SOUTH before the SNOW starts flying.  
There is somethingy else funny about him.... he does NOT come until about 3 PM and leaves about 5:30 or so...      and he does NOT come on days when it isn't SUNNY....   beclaws he needs the sun to move to the right place to make his IMAGE show up on the windows... and if it isn't sunny he can't see....    HIMSELF..    BAAAAAWAAAAH.

THIS reminds me of when ERNIE was a PROPER SIZE TINY Puppy and he would look at the front of the Dish Lickering Machine... and try to PLAY with HIS....   "FUREND".    BAAAAAWAAAAH... now THOSE were the GOOD OL' DAYS.
PeeS.... Fact about Mockingbirds....    they sing a song 7 times... then change to a totally DIFFERENT song and sing THAT one 7 times then starts ANOTHER new one.  They will sometimes do this for HOURS on END... and during the Summer Full MOON... ALL NIGHT LONG.      The songs are so LOVELY and we on this hill ADORE our mockingbird furends.
      Tomorrow We will show you one of the FLOCKS of COW BIRDS that have been gathering for their Group Flight south.      
For Marco.


Mollie said...

Oh Daddy is going wild, we love the little bird. Thank you guys for making our day :) Our clocks went back last week, it's so dark here now xxooxxx

Mollie and Alfie

Reilly-Denny Cowspotdogs said...

Maybe you need to cover the windows so he can't see his handsome self. We would hate to hear he became a mockingbird Popsicle cause he didn't fly south to warm Florida.

Molly The Wally said...

Good plan Reilly. LOL mockingbird popsicle. Have a super Saturday. We are making the most of it as it is still mild here. Hoorah.
Best wishes Molly

GizmoGeodog said...

Tell your friend that mockingbirds are our Florida state bird so there'll be ticker tape parades for him as soon as he gets here...promise!

♥Mona + Sissy + Mommy, too♥ said...

Very interesting!! Silly bird and silly Ernie. Didn't know cow birds flew south.

Tomorrow come rain or shine, we're having the Dachtoberfest. Guess what? They want Mommy to be a judge of the costume contest.
Wonder what I can bribe her with to win. I'm going as Gracie Lynn in her Christmas angel dress that Mommy altered for me. Gracie Lynn looked much better than me.


Anonymous said...

We had to set back our clocks last weekend, that was thrilling, because my mom noticed on tuesday that she forgot that LOL. Good luck with the clocks tonight

Bocci said...

Great photos of your birdie friend! We didn't think about what the Cowspotdogs said, but we think they're right about covering your window so birdie doesn't accidentally hurt himself. We've had birds literally throw themselves so hard against the glass that they died!

And.. Parental Unit had a pug many years ago, that brought all of his toys right in front of the full length mirror to "share" with his buddy:-)

rottrover said...

We love mockingbirds, too. Mom's furiend has a cut-out of a big scary black bird that she made out of construction paper stuck on the inside of her window so birdies don't try to fly into her glass. Maybe Mockie needs to get Scared South!! BOL!! Happy weekend!

-Bart, Ruby and Otto

harrispen said...

That is one silly birdie.

Millie & Walter

Ruby said...

OMD!! Some burdies are just nutty!!
We still have our hummers here and Ma still has to fill the feeder, though most of our burdies are gone, butts not all!
Ernie, your too funny!
Ruby ♥

Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

We have never seen a mocking bird before so thanks for showing him to us.
We have already fallen back :)
Dip Bridge and Elliot x

Madi and Mom said...

what a bird brain!!!
mol mol mol
hugs madi your bfff

chicamom85 said...

That is one mixed up birdy. I hope he figures it out soon.

Loveys Sasha

p.s.have any snow people been seen at your house yet??

GOOSE said...

Madi stole my line....bird brain. I love to listen to the birdies songs. You might have to build your friend a nice warm house if he does not fly south for the winter.

Anonymous said...

Maybe somebody needs to reset his clock, or clean it!

The Mad Scots

Berts Blog said...

HI Frankie buddy, just dropping by to see what you have been up to. Miss the heck out of seeing everyone.
Bert and My Vickie

sprinkles said...

That's kinda funny, but sad that the mocking bird doesn't realize the reflection he's seeing is himself. I wonder if he'll ever fly south for the winter now.

My mom has a small parakeet who likes to look at herself in the mirror. I wonder if she thinks she has a friend in the cage with her, or if she thinks that she's really pretty and that's why she's always looking in the mirror.

Mitch and Molly said...

We know peeps that cut a shape of a hawk out of black construction papers and tape it to their window so birdies don't fly into it.
We made sure that mom didn't get that extra hour of sleep. Geez, we needed to pee, ya know!

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

marley said...

I is wrurried bowt da birdie now Frankie my pal…I ope he is not loafin so long he get his butt all frozen off...