Monday, February 8, 2010

For Everyone's Eyes EXCEPT Mango....

Okay, you know the drill... When you write FOR YOUR EYES ONLY... that is the ONLY one who can see the words. It is a Bloggie Magic Trick.... So... Mango can't read this from here on. <<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Hi everybuddy,
If you loved Mango Minster 2010 as much as I did... I think we should show our appreciation for all that Mango and his mom did for us.
I'm thinking that we should send him THANK YOU NOTES (small ones Please).
Now we can't be putting HIS snail mail addy out there for everybuddy to see, sooooo I am going to volunteer to act as collection place. I am going to give you MY snail mail addy and when they arrive I PROMISE not to open them... If they say Mango Minster.
You can put my addy up on your bloggy for anyone who isn't in my furend's list.
I just ask that no one Prank the Frankie by sending a box of cats or squirrels or something to me. OK????
Please put your Thank You note or card in the mail by February 22nd..
Address the card or note this way:
Mango Minster
% Frankie Furter Price
14980 Twp. Rd. 202 N. E.
Corning, Ohio 43730

I won't peek. And PLEASE don't send me any Rodents or Stuff I'm just sayin'.
I hope we get 87 bazillion things so that Mango and his mom know how fun MM was. He might use them to decorate his cave!!!
PeeS.... Be sure to put this in your bloggy... and don't forget to say... NOT for Mango's Eyes. We want it to be a BIG SURPRISE... when the box of THANK YOU thingys arrive at HIS house. Plus..... you know this will drive the RH crazy when he can't read our blogs. hehehe
I just hope he doesn't try to get Dexter/PeeWee to read them for him. I know we could trust Dexter to keep quiet, butt Mango would Hound poor PeeWee RELENTLESSLY!
Don't forget to put a little explaination and MY Addy up on Your bloggy and say Not for Mango's Eyes in your Title and Label lines!!! We want to keep the secret.
I hope my Letter Lady (Pattie) doesn't have a cat over this. I'm gonna ASK mom to bake her some cookies... just in case.
Thanks (in advance) for doing this for Mango and his MOM!!
PeeS.... My girrrls, Ruby and Penny, won a grrrreat prize from Sugar the G.R.. Got to her bloggie to see all about it!! YEAH Girrrrrls. I LUV You!!!


houndstooth said...

Great idea, Frankie!

Jazzi said...

great idea Frankie and I think we should all post a BIG Thank-you post too!!


Dog Foster Mom said...

Great idea. And what a neat Blog trick to keep Mango from being able to read it! We will be sending something your way for Mango (no rodents, we promise!)

Remi and Noelle

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

We think Mango's Momma needs an entire khase of adult beverages by now!

What a pawesome idea!



Franky, this is why we luv you sooo much! You are such a sweet and thoughtful little pup and your mommy is pretty nice too.

We luv ya pal,

Riley and Star.

Twinkietinydog said...

NOT for Mango's Eyes
Can I proceed now? Kk. Got it. Love what you came up with and it's definitely going on tomorrow's post. You da best.
As for your pals and the party...yeah, you're 100% right, your women are babes, only, I'm a bit embarrassed today. I stopped by to wish them well and today they thanked me for attending the party. OMD, I'm not a crasher. I was just hoping to meet new furiends and perhaps there would be a slice of cake left over.

Ms. ~K said...

Wrooo, wrooo Frankie!
You can count on us!
Licks and sniffs,
Zack, Sassy and Buddy

kissa-bull said...

oh frankie you are just so sweet and smart
we did'nt know about that tricky but thanks for the heads up
we shall be sending you something vewy soon for him
pibble sugars
the houston pittie pack

Lorenza said...

I agree. This is a pawesome idea!
I am going to send you my note for Mango's mom and I hope you get it on time!
Kisses and hugs

Benny and Lily said...

Sounds like a plan Senor frankie
Benny & Lily


Hey Frankie,

I want to send you a special Vaentines's card if you can turst MOMMY with your address.

Please send it to

I think of you as a specila blogging friend. If you don't want me to have your address let us know.


dewdana said...

You are awesome Frankie! I sure hope Mango's curiosity does not get the best of him!

Stella said...

Done and done, Frankie, great idea!


Alli and Frankie said...

You are so nice, Frankie. You're a good doggie friend! Hope you don't mind but I used some of your quotes in my blog post today...

I needed to exercise some frustration and you always have such colorful phrases! :)

xoxo Frankie Mae

brooke said...

Fun! Thanks for coordinating this!!!

Martine said...

What a fantastic idea!!!

Dory and the Mama said...

Pawesome Frankie!! We will get right on our assistant and put ours in the mail!!

Bilbo and Dory

The OP Pack said...

A wonderful idea - we will get right on it.

Woos, Phantom and Thunder

Ginger Jasper said...

Thats a brilliant idea.. Mine will be coming accross the pond tomorrow.. Hugs GJ x

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Great idea, Frankie -- Mango and Momma deserve a big thank you for their hard work!

Samantha said...

Furry thoughtful, Frankie - will get on it today!
xo Sammie

Junior and Orion said...

One will be on the way shortly.

Cheryl, Indiana, Shingo and Molly said...

You are so thoughtful Frankie!! We'll be happy to get a thankyou note out to you straight away!

Woofs and Kisses!

Anonymous said...

Count me in!


Hi! I'm Sierra-Dog! said...

Excellent idea!
Count my paw in!