Sunday, January 10, 2010

Calendar.... 2010

Furst things furst... I would like to wish a very much Happy Second Birthday to:
Dexter!!! (Better late than never.)

Our good furend Twinkie (the Chi-wa-wa) has a calendar and has also written a BOOK. She is sponsoring one of the prizes for Mango's competition... Mango Minster 2010. PeeS Twink gave me a Pawsome Award yesterday!! I think it is ... Chi... Wa... WOW! (Thanks again my furend.) Twink's calendar got me to thinking about what my Sister Lori gave mom at Christmas. She took some of Mom's very much favorite pictures and sent them away to have a calendar made. I made mom take pictures of all of the pages. They are very much shiny so the pics didn't show up as good as the real thingy, BUTT you'll get the idea. This is for April. These are dogwood flowers that mom pictureated two springs ago. The woods around here were so full of blooming trees that it almost looked like snow. The dogwood bloom at the same time that the really yummy MOREL mushrooms are up.... IF YOU CAN SEE THEM. That is what we were doing out in the woods that day... hunting for mushrooms. We did find a skillet full, butt the big thingy was the dogwood. This is a pic. mom took of the pretty spring floweres that are down our driveway near the mailbox. You can see our road on the right. (If you go the other way... you will end up going past...Jim the Grinch Guy's house. To the left of our SIGN you can see the 3 big limbs of my Granny Smith Apple tree.
One day there were some very much beautiful clouds on the other side of our road. You can see the tree line under the clouds. It is about a mile over to where the trees are.

This is the February picture. It is of ME...Frankie Furter... running in the snow last winter. My mom just LOVES this one because she caught me in mid jump and my ears are all flapped UP instead of hanging down like NORMAL. She says that the picture really is PRICELESS. She ALSO says it doesn't even look like me, and I agree with her. I wonder why she likes it so much.

This is the January picture. It certainly explains why I HATE SNOW. Just look at how that "stuff" grabs onto my fur and makes big balls. They drive me CRAZY!!! Mom has to use the hairdryer thingy and sometimes even uses PLIERS to squeeze the life out of those stupid things. Personally, I hate this picture. It makes me miserable just looking at it.

I'll show you more of the pictures tomorrow.


Mango said...

Such a happy making calendar. What do you suppose is in December? Could it be, let's see.... snowmen?


BRUTUS said...

What a perfect present! Mom was looking for a Frenchie calendar, and I wondered why. She should just make her own using moi as the featured dog!! It would also be fun to make one of all our DWB friends. Hmmm.....

Pondering Snorts-
Brutus the Frenchie

houndstooth said...

What a greyt present! I think they should have all been pictures of you, though!



Hi Frankie,

Just don't you worry! Spring is just around the corner!

Luv your calander!

Riley and Star.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Frankie!
The calendar sure is beautiful!
Your mom must be very happy seeing all her pictures in it!
Yes... that picture of you is priceless!
I will be waiting for more!
Happy sunday!
Kisses and hugs

sadermaxx said...

Hi Frankie

Wow thats a great calender, we really like the picture of you running in the snow, your mom has a good eye for pictures.
it was so nice of your sister to give your mom such a great present.

Jazzi said...

What a cool idea. Yah my mom always gets a scottie calendar for Christmas but no one could find one for this yr. So I think the same as Brutus, why not make one with MY picture in it, Hey! thats how I can work, I could get used to the flashy box better than this dumb sleigh idea!!
Your moms pics are very good.


Benny and Lily said...

Now that is some talent!
Benny & Lily

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

What a pawesome pressie!

Tank woo fur sharing it with US!


Twinkietinydog said...

You are such a teazzz Frankie! You're not showing us all the photos today? Anyway, looking at your snow-dog photo, I forgive you. And I'll be back to check out the rest of the photos ;) BTW the "other" Frankie wanted me to say "hello".