Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jennifer got kidnapped by the Grinch Guy !!! AGAIN

Yesterday the Grinch made my mom take Jennifer Jeep down the road to his... garage cave. He SAID she needed SHOES so she would stop good when she should. Well, that was his story and he stuck to it.
BUTT... my mom is getting smarter. She remembers back when she had Olivia Oldsmobile and the Grinch lured he down there so that all of his BIG BAD REDNECK cars and trucks would be bad influences on her. They turned her into a Junkyard FLOOZIE. She got to the point where she just refused to stay up here in her own very nice garage... that is not all dirty and junked up with... STUFF.
Soooo before mom took Jennifer down the road to get those new shoes... She Make her Shut her EYES!!!!

Mom told Jennifer she was not allowed to open her eyes until she was safely back up here in her neat tidy warm garage... no matter what the Grinch did to her... NO PEEKING JENNIFER.

Here is the Grinch making Poor INNOCENT Jennifer go into his Garage Cave. Just look at that messy messy place. It is sooooo beneath J>J>.

I'm not sure, butt the Grinch MIGHT be trying to take Jennifer's temperature.

Check this out... the Grinch has taken one of her TIRES OFF!!! He said that they all needed AIR because they looked like they had... LOVE HANDLES. Now what the heck does that mean??? Well, the good news is that Jennifer is home safe and sound. She has new shoes. Her tires are all aired up and back on. Butt... I am not going to ride in her until I am sure he hasn't got some trick up his Grinchy sleeve.
Pee S .... Mom had to send HOT home made light rolls down to the Grinch, butt I am not sure what that was about either. I hope he shared them with my good furend... FawnTell.

Happy Veteran's Day !!!


sadermaxx said...

Hi Frankie!

Its good Jennifer is back all nice and safe, although I bet she likes her new shows. Its a girl thing.


(ES) The ES is some thing that Momo rote, he is trying to leave you a comment I guess but he is still learning.

Frankie Furter said...

Mango... send me an email at

I have something for your hugeness.

Anonymous said...

Good thinking to make J keep her eyes shut. I do have a question though... why do you keep going back to the grinch if he is such a... well, grinch??

Anonymous said...

Frankie - I noticed that neither you or Jazzi has an OWAS logo. For all your efforts at squirrel hunting, you both should have one. Feel free to copy & paste from my blog or you can go to

and get the html code - it's on the sidebar under the squirrel

Sam said...

Jennifer's such a cool name for a Jeep. I hope she's feeling better!!

BRUTUS said...

Love the closed eyes on Jennifer. Hope her new shoes are comfy & don't need much breaking in!

Brutus the Frenchie

Beaglebratz & mom too said...

Beaglebratz here = so glad tu hear that your Jennifer is bak in her own place all safe'n sound. We haf tu agree with Commander Tank tho - if that grinch guy keepz cauzing problemz, y keep going bak tu him?

Frankie Furter said...

To Tank & the Beaglebratz... Mom says it is the triumph of HOPE OVER EXPERIENCE. hehehe LOL

Brutus... "breaking in" now that was a grrrreat pun. hehehe

Jazzi said...

Glad that Jennifer got her new shoes~~its a girl thing, does she have a shoe feddish??? Plus she didnt see a thing.YIPPEE!!!!
Loved the closed eyes!!

I too was wonderin.. like Tank...Why does she go to see the grinch if he is that bad and may carnap her someday???

DId you pick up your logo at Tanks place?? I did,

catch ya later frankie

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

The Xterra is getting some new stuffs by the end of the month -

Tank woo fur sharing Jennifer's story!


Mango said...

She went to the vet, huh. They always think that there are love handles. Sheesh.