Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rodent Rage

We will be on a TOP SECRET mission on Oct. 27th. so we have made OUR POST early. We WILL still be able to monitor and RESPOND to YOUR foolishness. Big Buggsy Bunny WILL be watching. No use trying any of you "tricks". Our day is near, Dawgdom should fear.
Poor Little Frankie Furter. He can't get on his Bloggie. He is OUT IN THE COLD... WITHOUT A CLUE. LOL LOL HA HA HA HA hehehe teeehee teeeheeeeeeee
Our DEMANDS......................... We are tired of all the sill Jokes like " what are a rabbit's favorite veggies?? Lettuce Turnip and Pea" BOOO HISS such childishness.
The CONSTANT harrassment of our roddent relatives MUST STOP !!!
IF it doesn't... we will take over all the factories that make kibbles and treats !!!
Let's see how you like living without things like... stupid BLUE HIPPO "cookies".
It will be an all out take over.
Gen. Mick E. Mouse, Rodent Ranger


Anonymous said...

Alright pinheads, this has gone on long enough. I've ordered the big one... THE BIG ONE. It works like a heat-seeking missile. All rodents will be toast in a matter of minutes.

Gen. Mouse? puhleeeeeeeeeeze

I'm so NOT shaking in my virtual boots.

Mango said...

I don't know what that black furry thing is in the photo, but it does not scare the Mango. And next time I get a car cookie, I am asking for the rodent one just to show you what it looks like slipping down my large and easily swallowing things throat.


Frankie Furter said...

As you were informed... we are on a Top Secret Mission. We have gone WIFI with the dinky doxie's bloggie. You can't find us let alone turn us into toast. hehehe
Sorry Tankapotamus... you lose.
Squirrel Stealth Squadron and Rabbit Recon.
Fear this...poopy pooch

Frankie Furter said...

Ah the Mini Mango weighs in. That black furry thing... we found the pic in the dippy doxie's picture files. It is his tiny shivering shaking self, the Furter.
Devouring us in effigy... is that the best you can offer. Ohhh are we ever scared N O T !!!
Go on now TINY... go get behind the PeeWee and start quaking.

Twix said...

You rodents are just a bunch of bullies and you know, there are laws against cyber bullying. Do we need to get law enforcement involved? We will not hesitate to contact animal control!


Man.. this is getting ruthless. What is that black thing? the furter in disguise?

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Tank has multiple vikhtorious missions under his khollar -

These rodents are going down....


Sam said...

I agree with Tank and Mango! This is preposterous and does not scare us! (hey that kind of rhymes)

Lorenza said...

Gen. Mick E. Mouse, Rodent Ranger.
I don't want to say it again... but leave alone Frankie.
We all know where you are... be careful.
No kisses and hugs to you either!

Frankie Furter said...

Animal Control Twix??? Dogs are the ones who need control.
Norwood that is the dinky Doxie. He looks as "crazy" as we have actually driven him. hehehe
Preposterous... we'll show you preposterous. Your turn is coming.
Who in the world would ever want kisses and hugs from a dopy DOG.
Rodent Ranger branch station

Frankie said...

Don't you guys have a wheel to go run in or something? Maybe a snake to provide dinner for? A piece of cheese to steal? GO AWAY and quit your complaining. You want rodent rights? Contact PETA. No dachshund cares about rodent rights.

Frankie Furter said...

We'll sic those PETA people on YOU. They are waaaay left of center, you know. We WILL have our rights and YOU are gonna cave and give 'em to us.
Dachshund are the pinheads. Maltese are the MUSHheads.
We'll cage ALL dogs and give them WHEELS to run in. So there!!!
You are never going to hear from the FURTER on this blog again!!!
Roving Rodent Rangers

Nibbles Treats said...

Holy Guacamole! We're away from the computer for a week and look what happens! You little mangy varmints are messing with the wrong crowd. Why, we eat little pests like you every day. Haven't you seen the pictures of all of your kind that we have de-stuffed? Not only that, we have Taz, the mighty varmint hunter. Why, just yesterday he brought a mole to our mom. You better head for the hills if you know what's good for you cuz this town ain't big enough for you and us dogs!

Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

Frankie Furter said...

Tiny T.O.T. (Tinkerbell, Oscar,& Tucker) you don't get it do you. We are now the REGAL Rodents. We are the Kings and Queens of the world of mammals. We took over the "Furter's" blog but that is JUST THE BEGINNING. We have your place surrounded. We are just waiting for the signal from the Rodent High Command. When IT comes... YOU go!!! Get with it "beagle brains". We are out to get YOU!!!!
Did you notice that you were #13????? Tough Luck Tiny TOTs.