Friday, October 30, 2009

OMD OMD OMD It's ME Frankie Furter

Hey everybuddy, it really is ME... Frankie Furter. I can't believe that I am finally back on my blog. It seems like FOREVER since I have been able to post.

I had no idea what had actually been going on. It wasn't until I came in from my morning work (beclaws it is a sunny 70 degrees today) and had my lunch and nap that I decided to check my blog.
No wonder I couldn't get on. That mean old Jim the Grinch Guy had taken over my blog. I am shocked that he was sooooo nasty to all of YOU. I didn't know he would be like that with other four leggers.
I want to thank all of you for your wonderful comments to "him" when you all must have been tricked into believing that Rodents had taken over my blog.
That Grinch is really crafty. I guess I can't trust him at all. I THOUGHT that he had gone away for a few days and then CAME HOME SICK. You won't believe this, butt I ACTUALLY felt sorry for him because he wasn't feeling good. HA. I won't fall for that one EVER AGAIN !!
What an awful nasty Cat Fart he is. He wanted to make us ALL miserable for days and days and days.
I don't know how he managed to get control of my blog, BUTT I'll bet I find out and... put a dirty butt scooter GRINCH block on it.
Thanks again to everybuddy for trying to help me with my PROBLEM.


Mango said...

What the heck are you wearing? Looks like a baby onesi. Are you sure the grinch didn't choose that outfit?


Frankie Furter said...

It is my favorite Mole Beater shirt.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Frankie!
I am so happy to see you again!
I was very worried!
The Grinch has been mean but I hope he is feeling better now!
I like your shirt!
Kisses and hugs