Sunday, October 18, 2009

How did they ever manage to do all of this

Some of Ohio's many Indian Mounds. This is a picture of a mound that is actually INSIDE another mound. That is Brandie. She is Bacall, Atticus, and Austin J's, two legger mom. I didn't get to go to this place with my mom and Brandie. Mom says that this is an area to be respected and that she was not sure I would understand. This is a small burial mound that is INSIDE the great Circle mound. It was taller than Brandie. The "circle" is even HIGHER THAN THIS.
Brandie walked around the burial mound but did NOT walk up onto it, even though people are actually allowed to do that. She showed Great Respect.

This is an ariel photograph of the oddest of all of Ohio's mounds. It is the Serpent Mound which is located in southwestern Ohio. There are lots of different thoughts as to why this one was constructed. I don't have a clue. I just know that mom is very much in awe of all of the mounds. I wonder how they did such a grrreat job when they couldn't even see it from the air??? Interesting !!!!
Mom said that after all of my Rodent and poop posts, I should do one about something "interesting" I thought Rodents and Poop WERE interesting. Butt, I guess not. So I looked through the pictures and came across these things. HOPE YOU ARE INTERESTED.

Newark, OH is not far from where I live. It is famous for a mysterious and very ancient indian earthwork known as the Circle mound. There are some other interesting effigy mounds in the area also. One is shaped like an alligator, one like a scorpion.
The Circle mound is huge! It covers several acers. It was constructed over 2,000 years ago by people who had no metal tools for digging, no beasts of burden, and no wheeled carts to move the dirt that was used for the mounds. How did they do it??? Why did they do it? How many people did it take? How many years??? How did those "ignorant savages" know about Alligators, scorpions, or how to get the opening to the Circle mound to be aligned with the sun? How could they plan for such a giant undertaking. Mom says the native Americans were a LONG way from being "ignorant savages" as they have been called. She thinks the speakers of those words were the ignorant ones.
If you ever want to know more about the mounds... there is a ton of stuff on the WWW about them.
I hope you weren't bored by this. I promise to have something "more invigorating" next time.



Hi Frankfurter
What a fabby post! I too would not understand respecting the land and perhaps banned from the mounds. I guess the way I would honor-well would not be well received. Thanks for sharing it's very interesting. BTW mom is an OSU alum and lived in Cbus for almost 10 years. She's been to Newark but never made it to the circle mound. How's she going to miss visiting there?!!!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Frankie!
Your post is very interesting! I had never heard about Circle Mounds! I will tell my mom to search about them!
Thanks for sharing it!
Kisses and hugs

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Woo have Indian Mounds, we have Indian Steps


PeeEssWoo: Furry interesting post!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Ohio history lesson!

I don't mind learning something once in awhile... just don't make a habit of it, okay?

Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Frankie
What a great post. Thanks for sharing your Indian Mounds.
Love Ruby & Penny


Yep.. saw the buckeye loss. I know.. they are always in the news at nauseam. Just like the red sox over here. Frankie... I think u should sport a hoodie. Ask Lorenza for some fashion advice.

Twix said...

Frankie, nothing you say could ever be boring, ever! I also think rodents and poo are pretty interesting.
By the way, I'm glad you like my last post. I thought about you when I picked out the photos. I can't figure out why you like my chair so much. It is just a kitchen chair but I fit in it perfectly.