Sunday, August 16, 2009

Post # 290 WHEEEEE

HI Everybuddy, I could not stand it any longer. I wanted to tell you about my very much GRRREAT day at the lake. The Luau was wonderful. There were lots and lots of people and dogs there. My friend Maverick got to take his people on my boat !!! Maverick loved it. He sniffed my boat all over then he went and layed down on MY dad's foot and enjoyed the ride.
There was a whole bunch of roast pork. Everyone shared with me.
Our friends who are Gizmo's mom and dad came. Gizmo is very much too little to remember much about the Luau. He is only 10 WEEKS old. He got to ride on my boat TWO times. He loved it. It made him all sleepy.
Our other wonderful friends Mark and Carol and KATLIN (my little girl) came. Katlin helped me across the very much HOT SAND and took me in the water so I could cool off and get a drink !!! They got to take a ride on my boat too. Then Katlin went for a big swim with her dad. I just watched them because they go waaaay out where it is too deep for dachshunds.
There was super cob corn for me to eat. Gizmo was too little to do that, butt guess what??? He shared his food with me.
People kept stopping by our picnic table and talking to Gizmo and me. We were on our very best behavior.
The only bad part was that it was REALLY REALLY REALLY H O T !!!! I couldn't go on the sand at all. It was sooooo hot that mom did not even take any pictures.
My day started out by getting to the lake at 8:30. We took my boat to a shady cove. Mom and dad got all the stuff out and decorated the Lady L until she looked really super duper. While they did that... I went on Salty Dawg Shore Patrol. I dug 4 new holes and then I had to get cleaned up before we shoved off for the beach.
Mom has all these decorations that she puts out in the sand so that the people know where to line up for the boat rides. When she finished that it was boiling hot. So I got in the water and cooled off for a bit then we headed for a picnic table and ate our lunch. People started coming to ask about rides even before we finished. That makes us very much HAPPY because we LOVE to share our lake and the boat with others.
Dad took 4 groups out on the lake. There were two other boats that took people too. We didn't count how many people went on those, butt there were 45 people who got to ride on my boat.
I am sorry to report that we did not see any deer or the eagle. Two cruises did get to see the blue herons though.
When the Luau was over, Mom and dad took Carol, Mark, Katlin, Debbie, Gary, ,and ME for a nice cool refreshing relaxing ride. That was grrrreat.
When everyone left we gathered up all the beach decorations and all of our life vests and went back to our dock. Then Mom and dad took down all the decorations while I gave them advice. We loaded everything in Jennifer and pulled away at 8:15 which was the end of an almost 12 hour day on the lake. You can't beat that for a friend filled fun day.


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I bet woo will sleep fur the week!


Frankie Furter said...

Hi Khyra, I still rested most of today. Butt, tonight we went to the lake to clean the sand off my boat.

Twix said...

That sounds like the perfect Luau...wish I could have been there with you. Post 290, that is amazing!