Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Boat is clean now

This is a picture of Maverick and his family. They went to the Luau both last year and again this year. They rode on my boat both times. If you look at the carpet you can see some of the sand on my boat. That is just a little bit of it... there was a BUNCH of it. It sticks to wet feet and shoes and then comes off on the boat. This is not a complaint. It is just a fact of life when you have a boat.
Sooooo anyway, after taking all those folks for rides my boat looked more like the beach than a boat. he he he I wanted to get it all swept off before it rained last night. I had mom and dad take the brooms (NOT VACULA, THANK YOU VERY MUCH !) and some cold drinks and we went to the lake to clean the Lady L.
It was 92 degrees when we got there. HOT HOT H O T ! Butt, we went to my favorite shady cove and beached the boat. I got off and did my Salty Dawg work while mom and dad cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. When they finished, I was ready to head for the beach, because I will admit that I was pretty much a muddy mess who needed to cool down and GET CLEAN myself.
When we beached AT THE BEACH (he he he) a man came running up to us to tell us how very much he had enjoyed the Whole Luau, and especially the ride on my boat. He just wanted to thank us AGAIN. Isn't that nice????
So then mom and I got off and I swam and drank and mom washed me up very much clean. Then we just rode around the lake for about an hour while we all cooled down, and I dried off.
Mission accomplished. Boat clean. Everybuddy cooled off. The temp. dropped as a storm was coming. We docked and headed home. Jennifer said the temp. was down to 75 and just as we were pulling into her garage it started to pour down rain. Perfect timing.


Frankie said...

Frankie, you are about the cutest thing ever on that boat! Are you a good swimmer? I'm so glad you had fun at your party!

Frankie Furter said...

Thanks Frankie Mae, Is your mom home from her trip to France??
What did she bring to you ????

NO ! I love to wade up to my tummy, butt I don't like to have my feet off the bottom. (My butt feels funny when it is floating. I think it is because of all my long hair.)
It surely is GRRRReat to hear from you !!! I am going to pop over to your blog to see if you have had time to post. I was there this morning, butt you had not been on yet.
Love ya !!!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

And a khlean boat, is a happy boat!

These temps here in Pawsylvania have got to start going down...but not the ship!


Frankie Furter said...

Hi Khyra, Lori and Sarge live in Pawsylvania, too. They had 90 degree weather for a week. That is the first time all summer that it has been warm there. They live in Tionesta. What part of the state are you in???
It is nice and cool here today. Hope it cools for you too.

Twix said...

That was very nice of that man to tell you how much he appreciated you. I am glad you got your boat cleaned and just in time too!